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Learn how to beat the bookies, make daily profit 30-50eu, and use only FREE RISK bets.
Records of NFL teams versus the odds, and when they beat them.
How to obtain the best odds on your sports bets and maximise your returns
Many people in the UK who have been racing will have seen Tote betting outlet, but perhaps not quite understood how the system works. Let me tell you more.
Outside of the UK, and across Europe in particular, odds are presented in a different format. The decimal format does what it says on the tin; it uses a decimal point rather than a slash.
The world of horse racing and betting is an exciting and yet sometimes intimidating one, and a large element of the confusion for first timers is the vocabulary and language used.
This is the traditional form of betting with a bookmaker which most people associate with betting, so read on for more info.
Betting, wagering, gambling... by whatever name you choose to use, people have been doing it for thousands of years. Here's how it works...
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