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There are certain situations where it can be more than beneficial to take obvious plays and turn them into your favor. Have you ever called down a bet that was so clearly a bluff only for your opponent to showdown the nuts?
Pokerstars are forced to halt casino games on the Spanish platform. One apparent reason was that Spanish regulation with blackjack gambling states that there must be access to hand histories on the platform, Pokerstars od not provide this access.
Judge Paula Francisco says, "For a game to constitute gambling, it must be a game where chance predominates rather than skill," Poker machines can be debated as skill not just chance. See how the court rules.
Haseeb Qureshi's book, "How To Be A Poker Player Poker Philosophy" is one of the best poker books online. Learn how the poker superstar started and became one of the best poker players in the world.
Reports have surfaced that former poker superstar, Haseeb Qureshi," is publishing a book, launching a new website, and making huge donations.
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