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I recently entered the world of responsible gambling.
The Lost of my coins is one i must say that i don't have any luck in betting games, last July 11, 2014 i bet on team Argentina and with 1:0 standings Germany won and lost 1500 Doge coins.
The abuse and training of race horses in America the pitfalls and poor horsemanship lacking in modern horse racing in America , the best horseman these days would be the German Jerry Hollandorfer
The ASPCA is now fighting to get new and stronger laws in place to protect horses and riders from catastrophic breakout which can often lead to death and serious injuries to both the horses and their riders because horse trainers have no regard for their horses welfare or the riders...
This is a true story of my journey into horse racing that spanned thirty years in this country from coast to coast. I was around and witnessed some of the all time great race horses that ruled the racing world in America during my time as an exercise girl, Seattle Slew , A...
Once the place to be seen many movie stars graced this once famous racetrack where many champions roared to victory and in to the history books.
A lot of people bet everything they can to get money. Some lose everything they have and others won more than what they expect. Especially in sports and is not always about the money is about other things too.
Dr. Fager was foaled (born) in the spring of 1964 at Tartan Farms located in Ocala, Florida, William McKnight owed 75% of him and Mr. Nerud his trainer owned the other 25% of him but that remained a secret until long after Tartan and McKnight became just a memory. Dr. Fager was named...
Some tough divisional matchups this week as teams fight for playoff positions.
The big dogs rule in December. Will your team be one of them?
Playoff races are getting tight as we close out November.
It's time to seperate the contenders from the pretenders.
Find out who is ready for a playoff run and who is ready to start planning for next year.
Who are the contenters and who are the pretenders as the season moves into November?
It's a Tale of Two Teams this week as the NFL goes to England.
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