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A lot of people bet everything they can to get money. Some lose everything they have and others won more than what they expect. Especially in sports and is not always about the money is about other things too.

Who will win

I have gone to bars and other restaurants that have games going on. Soccer is one of my favorite sports to watch and I do have a favorite team. The restaurant or bar owner puts on soccer games when it is going to be a good game (usually like the championship or world cup). There also lots of people who go to the bar to watch soccer to support there favorite teams. I see many of them cheering and others arguing about who is going to win or not. I can't tell whether they are friends or family or just strangers but what I do see in them is that they always bet. I even noticed that the argument becomes worse and people always start betting within each other that whoever wins will earn $50 or sometimes $100. The other person always agrees to the bet and they shake hands to seal the deal. I have also known people (usually friends or family) that bet other than money. Sometimes they want to bet a haircut or also the person who was going to the losing team to let their beard grow up to a certain point. I wonder why they do that, especially since they are called friends, they wouldn't do that and respect each other by not making do things they wouldn't like to do, like cutting they hair bald that they will have to wait a few weeks for it to grow. What if they have a special place they need to go such as a wedding or special occasion. Or making their beard grow. What if the boss of their job wouldn't allow them with a long beard. But then again, those people are considered as we call it, "dumb" that they let themselves do this to each other. I in my opinion would just like to watch my team play and just hope that they will win without betting anything...if anything, I would only bet within my friends and family but not strangers. I wouldn't bet money though, maybe dinner.


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Friendly bets are best. I generally am not a sports fan though.

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