You cannot win if you do not play, also, you cannot lose if you do not play

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This is an article of limitation disengagement. You cannot win if you do not play, and you cannot lose if you do not play. There is a risk of both. Avoidance of play is never the solution though as we soon shall see.

The real winner and the real loser

Avoidance of risk, and seeking solace are weaknesses. Even the first step, breath or bicycle ride on the street is a risk, if you know what I mean. I mean, reality is a risk really, and to try to totally avoid that risk is to be a real loser who never really achieves anything.

Sure, there is nothing wrong with playing to win. But to fear playing irrationally is not fair to yourself. Because real winning is not fearing to attempt, it is creatively being flexible enough to genuinely succeed on your own genuine terms.

What do I mean by succeed on your own terms? Well, I mean this: In reality, you have winnings and you naturally have some losses if you totally play a game, including baseball, poker or life, right? Yes. So, to win overall, the key wins must outweigh the key losses to make a genuine gain in any way, in any game of life.

Sure, in the stock market, they call that a Return On Investment or R.O.I., in life they call it making a genuine profit, no matter how many smaller net losses there are in making that genuine profit. A real winner ultimately has more wins than losses. A real loser quits at the first sign of genuine risk or even the smallest loss, or worst feeling loss. A genuine thinker and action taker knows the risk and considers the genuine Return On Investment creatively instead of fearing immediate and temporary competitive losses.

In short, creative, adaptable action in the here and now must be taken to genuinely succeed. Quitting now, before "it gets too ugly" is the key to loss, fear and no risk.

There are not any guaranteed successes or guaranteed winnings in life starting with the first breath outside the womb, but there is always adaptable success when the chips are down, or temporary losses happen.

Sometimes, you must accept some "down time" to win the ultimate "up time"

Like I said above, life is an investment, not a guarantee. A guarantee is when total success is assured without any risk, return on investments, or losses. An investment has some risk with ultimate profit if worked right.

So, when I say, sometimes you must accept some "down time" to win "up" or good time, that is what I mean exactly.

Genuinely profitable investments are like the ebb and flow of the waves and tides that must be negotiated at the right times, creatively, for the right profits. Indeed, life is an investment, not a guarantee of success without effort, "down time" and creative success ultimately.

Sure, I can tell you how it does not work to appease your sense of wanting a no-risk, guaranteed situation like every other writer, or be truthfully honest with you about what it takes to genuinely succeed. I chose the latter path, knowing that it will lead in the right direction. After all, what do you think the saying "you must accept the bitter with the sweet" really means?


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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
10th Sep 2015 (#)

Nicely written title..

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11th Sep 2015 (#)

very well put.

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