You can play a lot, but when it comes to a guaranteed win, never "jump the gun"

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"Instantly winning the lottery." What images does that conjure up for anyone? It conjures up images of "great luck without effort" and things like that, right? Well, in this article, I am giving tips on what to do before and after you win the lottery in a small or big way. Either way, good money management full of effort and smart choices has to be involved also, which is an effort in itself as we shall see.

This, in itself is a tale of how to really win by really trying in a few paragraphs.

This section is for those not blessed by inordinately good or great luck instantly and in a beginner's way, if you know where I am coming from so far.

The worst winners are those lucky people who win constantly but squander their winnings in an irresponsible way. The best winners are those unlucky people who genuinely get what they work for and use it right and in the best ways, no matter what. So, what would you rather be, the worst winner with good luck, or the best winner with bad luck? Before you answer that, I will tell you what type of winner I am regardless of my own personal choice, and I would choose to be the best winner as I describe it anyhow, and I really am one of those "best winners" anyhow. The garden variety type of "worst winner" almost always gets everything too easy to usually genuinely appreciate what they get anyhow.

Thinking on my own situation, I know capacity not to take for granted comes from earning it all instead of being given it on a "silver platter of ease". It brings back to mind the saying of Munich 1972 Olympian Mark Spitz: "We all love to win, but who loves to train?" Blessings come to those that know what they are doing through hard won understanding. Curses come to those who get it too easy and do not know what to do when they get it. Life is good when you have all of your disadvantages and advantages in the right places and times. In short, the best blessings come to the "worst" people. The "worst" people are the people who learn, earn and genuinely succeed. The "best" people get it "all" too easy.

Good winning that really works is never, ever easy. Sometimes it may come easy, but it does not stay around easy. No, all winning needs to be managed, worked and controlled to be permanent. Bad winning may seem to get off "easy" at the beginning, but it always ends badly when it is not managed well. To win really big in life and existence, work hard and go for the hard ones in an empowered way and you will get genuinely somewhere that counts for good. Pay the price and genuinely win. Depend on luck and genuinely lose, your choice.

Fortune really does favor the bold, but so does loss, this will be a positive spin on this though:

Some of the boldest ventures done timidly and quit permanently after one big loss lead to genuine failure. Success comes from being bold and never backing down ultimately even after big losses and seeming "get you out of the race" failures. In this vein, we are just about as happy and successful as we genuinely make up our minds, hearts, and spirits to be. Indeed, today, I faced one of those type of failures when I could not do exactly what I wanted the way I wanted and needed to do it. I will put it this way, I could have given up on everything and stayed in bed the rest of this "bad weather" day, or I could get up and work on things with undying courage and make up my mind to make myself happy and all of that ultimately.

It is an old saying that seems silly at times "to win, we must begin", but it is the honest truth of the matter always. To become a real winner however it goes, we must be productively unrealistic meaning to "burn the ships when we get to the shores of the enemies, and not leave their land until we die or win". In short, that mean we succeed or nothing else. Get it? So, that is taking "to win we must begin" to an extreme, but when real failure is looming, that extreme is necessary to galvanize genuine success. Either way it goes, doing is the ultimate secret to success, not doing is the ultimate secret to failure. Sometimes when I think of those facts, I think of the books, essays, and works of Mike Hernacki, author of the "Ultimate Secret to Getting Everything You Want". You have to be willing to succeed before you really do, even if you fail at first at the first step, who knows, step forty-two or step fifty could be your opening to genuine success. Quit at the first step and you will never know what could have happened. Real and lasting fortunes depend on boldness and the ultimate poverty is genuine quitting or depending solely on beginning lucky breaks. In short, if you really want it, you must be bold: The temporary failure does not matter. The need for work does not matter. Not succeeding does not matter. Only the boldness does, after all, Mike does end that first book with a quote from Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, but since he used one of his best, I will end this section with another one of his best quotes to end this section in the mood and timbre I want to end it in:

"In the realm of ideas everything depends on enthusiasm... in the real world all rests on perseverance."

Need I say more, I will in the next section though.

Life and its prize.

Sure, most of us want to win a lottery or a big contest at an emotional level. But, the spiritual prize is a good or great life to our genuine standards inside of us. Without that prize our lives and existences mean nothing. All success is a sham unless it goes beyond immediate emotional level thrills that release a few glandular endorphin secretions in the brain for a few seconds and then that is that.

What means something is always long term. Without that long term winning, we all genuinely lose. Real glory lasts, fake glory just feels good a few minutes, then you are in office. Does that sound like politics or a beauty pageant? Well, there is worse, but I will use that as an example of fake glory. Real glory works always, fake glory never works, although you get a trophy that seems to do it for a few minutes or whatever. Why do I simply say that real glory always works, because it can do nothing else. Fake glory does everything else but works. Life and its prize goes solely to those who get real glory and actively and genuinely pursue it, all else is the prize of the "runner up" that cannot satisfy anything.

Disappointment, and the appointment with destiny

Winning and losing, two universal conditions of life. When you lose well, you gain experience. When you win badly, you are spoiled. Both of those conditions can be perceived in a certain way, but, both conditions teach lessons ultimately that are needed.

The genuine appointment with destiny comes through a deep understanding and experience of "how it works" and "why it works", not so much about luck or "providence". Here is what I mean: When you win in a good or great way, that is the best. What I mean by winning in a good or great way is to know what you are doing as well as scoring the win. To win in a bad and lucky way is to be just as much of a loser as if you did not win anyway.

That brings me to a point: Have you ever noticed that many big lottery winners are broke a few months or years after winning and if the equivalent amount of money is earned, it usually works better on financial and personal levels. Look, what I mean by an appointment with destiny is that productive experience consistently bred breeds power while lucky wins however consistent or constant are like a "deer in the headlights groundhog day experience" or pecuniary gain without experience and understanding of how to use it properly is worse than never winning at all. Destiny is better built to last than instant. In this game of existence it is true and real that the most genuine winners are the best players in it. But then, the worst players in it are the lottery winning fortunate who get it without the understanding in back of the winning. Without understanding you will be disappointed. But good fortune combined with understanding is the most fortunate reality.


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19th May 2015 (#)

You are a true winner my love. <kiss>

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