Why you should not gamble in Las Vegas

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Gambling is very dangerous in Vegas, the big boss loves it that you lose. You have very little chance of winning.

Why not gamble

When people come to Vegas, they think that they can win some real big
money, but most often they walk away losing large amount of money instead.
Even the local people, who knows the industry well, lose so much all the time.
Gambling is a miserable business. It's the business of the casinos robbing people
out of their hard earning by scamming them into playing for nothing.

They make you think that you will win but you will lose everything you got if you're not
a responsible player. There are not that many people that are responsible gamblers.
There are a lot of greedy gamblers but not intelligent gamblers.

Professionals gamblers are a different story though. They walk away with some winning so
I'm happy for them sometimes but gullible normal people lose so much that is hurting my
brain just to watch them lose thousands of dollars in minutes.
Gambling is very dangerous. Most people don't think so but the next they know is them losing everything that they have got. There are some serious addicted gamblers out there who lose everything to gambling, their family, kids, career, and bank account. I've seen a lot of these stories, where they become homeless from being addicted to slot machine games.

You have to know that gambling is just for fun, but if you're looking to make some money,
gambling is probably not the way. It's a gamble so it's never for sure that you will win.
You might lose and you might win but it's never for sure. You can't make a career out of it.
Anytime that someone tells me that they make gambling their career makes me want to laugh.

You can't survive just gambling and you can't tell your future wife that you gamble for a living and a lot of them in Vegas do but I think it's a joke, sitting at the casinos everyday just trying to make some money.

Why not

I've seen some people who sit at the slot machines thinking that they're going to hit it big, but you're not unless you're one in a thousand that got lucky. Yes, you do get lucky, but it's a one and in a thousand chance that you will win some chump change. If you do win, it's a couple of dollars. However, when you're sitting in a casino you feel
like a couple of dollars is a couple of thousands but it's not.

Casino environments are set up to make you feel good and make you feel like you're going to win or that you're going to get lucky,
but you're not going to get lucky. It's a fantasy world and a dangerous one too with all those big boobs cocktail waitress and free alcohol, you're sure to make all the wrong moves. Alcohol is there to help sedate you so you can make
very slow thinking decision. You do win some at the slot machine but you do lose some too or you will eventually lose more than you win and then lose all that you've got. I'm talking from experience too.

You rarely ever win anything good at the slots. You should save your money to dine out at good buffet or see shows, it's better worth of your spending. If you play poker, and you're a professional, you might win some. It's all has to do with your knowledge of gaming and how to win.

A lot of people are clueless about gaming as I've seen before, some don't even know how to play blackjack, but they think they're going to win big. It's more like making a fool of yourself. I was sitting at a table with some
tourists, and I saw that he lost thousands in a blackjack game but he kept pulling out money and he lost everything.

A lot of tourists have the same mentality and the casinos love this kind of ignorance from its visitors. If you're going to play something, make sure you know how to play it really well. I won't blame you if you do know how to play
and that you win big. It's time that someone win big from the casino. They have been robbing the public for so long.

They get rich from robbing innocent people who know not of their dirty games.
Gambling is pure chance and luck, and you have very little control of it sometimes so
don't throw all of your money at the table, play responsibly, know when to play and when to walk away.

It's when you know how to walk away that is important. Some people get psych up by the casino, and they think that they will win but they will eventually lose everything.

I don't like seeing clueless people lose their valuable money. I like them to be knowledgeable about gambling.
If you don't know what you're doing, you should play small. It's fun to play but do give yourself a limit.

You have been warn that gambling is a waste of your precious time. Vegas gets so wealthy from clueless gamblers.
Let be smart and spend your money on other things that is worth your time.


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author avatar philpalm
3rd Jun 2013 (#)

Hopefully any potential losers read this article.

Gambling is addicting. If you have a bit of greed, it gets amplified when you occasionally win. The blinking lights and soundings of winning slot machines are designed to increase your preception that you are winning.

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author avatar Lee minter
27th Jan 2014 (#)

I totally agree I live in Henderson Nevada and the local casinos are the worst. Question; How do you win at the casino? Answer; Don't go. enless you want to fine yourself homeless and broke in Nevada, period.

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author avatar peachpurple
9th Jun 2014 (#)

good point

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