Using the "Heroic Deeds" cards in the game "Heroic Deeds"

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Having introduced the concept of a card based roleplaying game which I have named "Heroic Deeds". I now explain how the first deck of cards, the "Heroic Deeds" cards are to be used.

Legal notice

This particular concept of card based gaming is completely my own and I reserve all rights to the game although I invite you to play it freely as well as to print out as many cards as you need for personal use. Any attempt to market this game in any way must be first permitted by myself.

Heroic Deeds - Overview

I am trying to publish a roleplaying card game on wikinut. I am publishing post by post. I have named the game "Heroic Deeds" and it is based on a gaming concept that I described a while back.
For the basic introduction click Here
For the more details click Here

Character concept

Every player playing a hero gets to draw four cards from the deck of cards titled "Heroic Deeds". These four cards serve to help the player construct a character concept for his hero. Is he a strong, handsome warrior with an ancient magical heirloom from his father? Perhaps he is a dashing swashbuckler who flies around on a magic carpet? The cards serve as guidelines, the actual choices and descriptions are up to the player. In later posts I will describe how the exact same cards could be used to create very different characters.

What the character can do

As a rule all heroes no how to swim, dance, fight, cook, start fires, climb mountains, ride horses etc. Heroes are all probably a bit stronger than the average person, with better reflexes and above average intelligence. These are the sort of things heroes need to be and tend to do fairly often. In a modern world, one might assume all heroes know how to drive cars, motorcycles and bulldozers. An appropriate background might even allow for flying helicopters and driving tanks. However, not all heroes can make their horse take fantastic leaps, out-swim a fleeing rowboat or successfully overcome multiple opponents in unarmed combat. The background, as defined by the "Heroic Deeds" cards tells you what sort of special capabilities your hero has.

Using the cards in the game

Aside from guiding the basic character concept and letting better define what your hero can do, the "Heroic Deeds" cards can be deployed in the game. Whenever a hero tries to do something which is stretching the limit of his capabilities, he can help assure success by spending one or more of his cards. This is not a guarantee for success as there is still a limit to what a hero can accomplish. In addition, the expenditure of a card could be opposed by the storyteller with an appropriate "Villainous Deeds" card. Greater feats can be accomplished by combining more than one "Heroic Deeds" card.

Focusing and Generalizing

When the hero is first created, the player can determine how general or how focused he would like his card to be as well as how intrinsic to the hero as opposed to an item in his possession. Finally, the player could elect to define the card as referring to an item with a single use. As a general rule, the more specific a card, the greater power it will have when deployed but the less significance it will have when not so deployed. It is possible to posses two of the same card and it is possible to deploy more than one card simultaneously - increasing the effect.

A example

In order to illustrate the previous paragraph, take for example the card "Heroic strength". This could be used to mean the character is a very strong person - deploying the card would let him preform a feat on the verge of superhuman strength - perhaps lift a boulder or break open a massive gate. The same card could be interpreted as a hypnotic trance like state that the hero knows how to enter. During this trance like state he is incredibly strong for a brief period of time. Otherwise he is as strong as a normal person. In such a case, entering his trance like state is a process which limits the wide availability of the strength so that whenever necessary, given the time, he can do so. On the other hand, using this strength to lift a car would probably require expending the card. In either of the previous examples, expending the card does not mean the hero looses his ability. It merely means that he can no longer draw upon the extremes of his ability for a unique performance on this adventure. Conversely the same "Heroic strength" card could be used to signify that the hero who has ordinary human strength possess a magic potion which will, when drunk, give him superhuman strength. In such a case, the "Heroic Strength" card has no impact on the capabilities of the hero until it is expended but when it is, the hero could move a mountain, change the course of a river, or preform a similar Herculean feat.

Picture credits

All pictures are royalty free from
The exceptions are the cards and card players which are composites - constructed from by myself.

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