Tips on How to Bet on Soccer Online

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Tips and facts you need to know before betting on a soccer game online

How To Bet A Socer Game Online

Soccer is one of the most heavily gambled on sports in the world. In order for one to learn how to bet on sports especially soccer, They need to study and understand the soccer game and its rules. For example, in the United Kingdom, the English Premier league creates a lot of interest from around the world. Teams like Manchester United and Liverpool are a favorite of many soccer fans. Anyone considering making a soccer bet, should first gather sufficient information on the teams they want to bet on and then they should research and find out about the teams injuries, suspensions, transfers, previous match records, For example, betting on a match between Manchester united and Liverpool will require prior advanced research in order for one to make a wie bet. Such a match will attract some pretty high betting odds considering their long term history and rivalry, understanding their history will help you make a more informed decision before making a bet.

Before making any wagers, one should study the teams match facts in details, that is, the number of times the teams have met, the number of wins and loses of each team, the number of draws,where the matches were played for every match, how the location of matches affected the outcomes, the key players in both teams, how many goals were scored and other such information (also put into consideration nowadays, especially for Manchester United matches, is the presence of certain referees--like Howard Webb).

Traditionally betting,on soccer matches always had three outcomes, a Win, a Loss or a Draw, the emergence of 'Asian handicapping' changed all that.Asian Handicapping is a brilliant betting method where the lesser favorite team also known as the 'underdog', is handicapped by a certain percentage, mostly in terms of 0.5 or 0.25 handicapps which makes a draw outcome impossible but keeps the betting odds at a 50-50 chances. 'Asian Handicap' does this in that the handicapped team (usually the underdog) is given a handicap of something like 2.5, which in turn means that the other (favorite) team will need to score 3 or more goals to win,for example, A match between Liverpool and Wolves(wolves being the underdog), The Wolves team can be awarded a 2.5 handicap meaning Wolves will start with a 2.5 goal lead,which would mean Liverpool would have to score 3 or more goals to win the match. If Wolves was to score 1 goal, then, Liverpool would have to score 4 goals to win the match. However, if Wolves had been awarded a handicap of 2 goals and failed to score any goals, whereas Liverpool had scored 2 goals, this would result to a draw and the bettors will have their original wagers returned since there was no winner. In a case where both teams happen to be fairly evenly matched, the away team can be handicapped with something like a 0.25 handicap, so as to make the betting odds stand on a close 50-50 chances, For example, a match between Manchester United and Liverpool, and Manchester United was at Old Trafford(Home),with liverpool being the away team then, Liverpool can be handicapped a 0.25 lead start to even the betting odds.


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