The internet, the ultimate online game, although sometimes it does not seem like it

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The term "surfing the web" is pretty accurate when describing the internet, but the internet is more than just "surfing". It is a full subculture of everything that is possible in and out of reality, and I do mean "everything that is possible". This is what this article is about.

Reality and the internet.

The internet is a part of reality and reality is a part of the internet. That is a statement of fact. If it was not, the internet would not be the big deal that it is. Everything happens on it: Winning, losing, emotions, politics, business and just every gamut of feeling there can be. When it is really thought of, the internet is not just a subculture, it is a genuine exposure of reality at its deepest levels. Sure, life is a game, but the internet takes the game of life to whole new levels of interesting genuine understanding, and phony nonsense. You know, understanding and nonsense can be interchangable if done right, because today's nonsense can be tomorrow's genuine understanding. But, to win on the internet, you have to do genuine business and increase genuine understanding to make the internet work for you instead of just "surfing" the nonsense without profit.

In 1992, when the internet was just getting its "wings" and flying. Internet commerce was just a novelty. Now the internet fully rules stock markets of all sorts, even those we "do not know about". In my opinion, to not know is to be left behind genuinely, to not understand is to really be left behind genuinely. Thus to genuinely know and understand is power and usually correctly used power, for, indeed, the better you are at living in reality, the better you "get it". Ultimately, reality and the internet are simple, you understand and can use that understanding productively, you win. If you just noveltize, surf and genuinely not understand, you lose.


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12th Dec 2014 (#)

Thanks for this post. Interesting and thought provoking article..

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13th Dec 2014 (#)

Interesting post!

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