The art of betting on football matches.

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Betting on football (soccer) games and making profit from it might seem pure luck, it's not.
The following tips will show you how to maximize your winning potentials.

How much should I bet?

To begin with, betting on football games is gambling, and as in every gambling game you should not stake more than you can lose. Also, nobody can assure you 100% success of winning and making profit, it wouldn't be gamble then, would it?
But I can tell you it's not pure luck, it's not like roulette or any other 'pure luck' game, you have the chances in your hands.

Choosing your teams.

Most popular match days are Saturday and Sunday. On the weekends there are a lot of matches to pick from. But from the ~200 games that play on the weekend, we only need to find 3-4 teams that have the biggest potentials to win and make us some profit.
Someone could see the coupon, randomly choose 4 teams, make the bet and win. But that would be pure luck. You have to choose the teams 'wisely'.
Before choosing your teams though you should do a 'research' which includes the following points:

- Place on the league's table. Is the team going for the title? Desperate for points in order to not relegate? Or is it in the mid-places having no strong motivation to win.
- Form. What were the teams past results? A winning streak means that the teams is in a good form, therefore it would probably win the next match as well, in the other hand a streak of loses could easily lead us to bet against that team in the next match.
- Fixtures. The team might be tired after an important game, or might want to save powers for an upcoming important game, therefore we should try to avoid betting on them.
- Odds. You should avoid teams that have odds under 1.30, it's not worth it. The team is favorite to win but you mighty find yourself being victim of a surprise. After all in pure maths the chances are still 33.3% for winning, losing and draw as well, so in my opinion odds in the class of 1.10 are definitely not worth it.
- Key players missing. Some teams are very strong because they have some decent players but if one of those players is not playing on that match (either due to an injury or cards) can bring the upsides down.

You can find all the above information in sport newspapers, on websites with statistics and in the official web-pages of the teams.

The whole research before actually making the bet, is giving you the feeling that you have control on your winning potentials and that you are not just throwing your money away.

After you are done with your research and have concluded on which teams you are going to bet, you can go to your local bookmaker or on-line and make your bets.

Good luck to everyone!


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