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Fortune favors the bold, many say. But some would say that fortune shines equally on the bold and the timid, for it is pure chance. Well, here is where I dove-tail with both views, no matter how it is looked at, all fortune for good is a blessing, whatever form it may come in.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Milton and Rhonda Byrne or Emerson, Milton & Byrne

How do you like my play on the music group name Emerson, Lake and Palmer? I do, and I intend to explain why in this section I did that. First, I would like to start off this article with a bang: I understand and am convinced that all luck and blessing is within the mind, and without that mindset, nothing good or beneficial will happen in any way. I realized that fact when I was doing my errands off the computer before I started typing this article. Negative thought about doing what needs and wants to be done is a no person's land of self-negation, not bad fortune. Fortune, and greatness are really viewpoints, not fixed situations in life and existence. I agree with the above writers in my title in this sense: Reality is made by perception.

For example: A few days ago, it was raining real hard. Many complained that they could not get anything done and television network news anchors were fostering that perception of it as being something bad and undesirable, although it effectively ended California's water drought. To be honest, I only saw the good, my rain boots got some use, and it was an interesting challenge instead of a horrible happening that stopped my "best laid plans". As for the can and bottle recycling I usually do, I saw it as a chance to save up a lot like the ant in "The Ant and The Grasshopper" story and leave the recycling center in a few days with something substantial to put into the bank; anyhow, we were asking for rain for extra water. Like I said, decided a long time ago in my head to only seriously acknowledge the good and dismiss the bad or let the bad go through one end and out the other, so to speak. In short, I am a genuine optimist. Pessimism is something I give lip service, but do not take seriously at all. The one thing is that most people are just the opposite, they are pessimists I find, but they give optimism lip service. When you are strange in this world, you give pessimism the lip service, but keep the truth you genuinely believe mostly to yourself. After all, who believes the prophets when they are predicting great things anyhow like who believed Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali when he predicted winning his best boxing bout, anyhow, with seemingly optimistic arrogance?

So when I say Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Milton, and Rhonda Byrne, I mean that paradise is a thing we perceive and work with for ourselves, it is not given to us in any way, shape or form. What do you think it really means in the Rhonda Byrne "Secret" ask, believe and receive anyhow? Nothing magical, especially the "believe" part. But, realistically thought is the genuine ancestor to every reality as Emerson said also, anyhow. Also, John Milton was essentially right when he said: The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven. We should all get it, it is what we perceive it to be, not so much directly what we want, need or desire.

Well, bad fortune, good fortune, it is what we make it, so:

Napoleon Hill once told this mostly true story of a man named Edwin C. Barnes, who worked with Thomas Edison marketing a recording machine known as the ediphone. The other salesmen and all of that said good luck marketing that piece of junk. He had "great luck" and became a millionaire before forty hawking the thing in fact. The point to this little anecdote is that fortune does not just smile on the bold, opportunity is seized by the creative, the smart and the bold. I am keeping this section short, so it stings.

The greatest present in life you can give a person (Although at first they will not want to see it)

My Godfather Simon Chuckster or Charles Edward Simmons once put me in front of a full-length mirror where his hat and clothing collection was at his house "The Art Farm", as he called it. This was after I fixed his broken IBM AT computer with Wordperfect 3.5, Microsoft Word 2.0 and Microsoft Software Disk Operating System (MS-DOS). In that few minutes in front of that full-length mirror he taught me the greatest lesson of my life and he told me as I was trying on a hat to take home with me: "No matter what hat you wear, it is what you do with what is under that hat that counts. Kiss the baby! Live a life." The lesson he taught me is that no matter how much you may complain, no matter how much victim you play, your life is your responsibility and fortune smiles on those who smile upon it. That the greatest person or the worst person there is could be in your mirror, it is who you make yourself through your actions that counts.


I am the purest of optimists. Sure, I am not perfect, but I do let any negativity or pessimism go through me like water while keeping the precious optimism around at all times, looking for genuine opportunities wherever they may be. I believe in luck like old President Thomas Jefferson born on April 13th, like myself only a longer time ago: The harder and smarter I work, the luckier I am. Without that viewpoint, I would really be "screwed" and "Scrooged" as a pessimist, but with my understanding, I am a permanent optimist in life, and it is simply "a Alexander Graham Bell turn of the screw on the first telephone" to ultimately create good fortune for myself. You have seen the reference to the turn of the screw in other articles of mine, but that many times is all it takes is an attitude adjustment to make things ultimately work in life really. Sure, I may play games with myself and let the pessimism swirl around me, but I am a serious optimist always. For, I believe in the Master Mind as Napoleon Hill and Wallace Wattles put it, if you can see honesty, truth and reality, you can genuinely have what you want in existence and life, thus genuinely making yourself a Master Mind. So, through myself, I hope I gave a good hint. I will not say 'good luck', but I will say 'great self-allowed blessing'!


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