"The Ghost" World Cup betting ruin a family

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On a sunny afternoon of 6/2014 exciting time World Cup season, his family, Nguyen Van Hong (Chau Long Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi) has lost his son. It is worth mentioning that this loss comes from the lack of vigilance of the parents ...

"The Ghost" World Cup betting ruin a family

Nguyen Van Hung, born in 1983, was the eldest in the family. Hung's parents were public employees have retired, have small shops selling at the market. Hung has a wife and son in less than 2 years old. Before suicide, Hung is the leader of a sales company specializing in home appliances business, steady income and not less than ten million dong per month. So after a time back, accumulate, buy motorcycle Hung Liberty and the iPhone - what kind of fashion "hot" young people now.
On the streets, Hung also is considered docile, known on the glass, giving less. Hung was never so slightly of alcohol that irk neighbors. Yet a sunny afternoon of 6/2014 exciting time World Cup season, Hung has decided to terminate his life still.
According to Mr. Hong, distance from the beginning of the year, Hung was involved in gambling, specifically football betting. At first just bet a beer adoration, at best a few hundred thousand per match ball to "see the world for gas" as Hung said.
Thinking that his son just betting for fun, he was caught off guard Red, not from the first stop. Who questionable, "ghosts" are slowly gambling arrived, prepared to capture the clutches unjust to his small family. Later he learned Hung Hong increasingly playing more passion, more bitter - lost. The money from a few hundred to a few million, then there are epic battles of up to ten million.
Recently, he suddenly found his son Hong listless, emaciated. By premonition of his father, he understood Hung has encountered something very serious. Must demanded a lot, Hung finally admitted that losing bets and debts of up to several hundred million. That amount is too large, the inevitable Mr. Hong offended and verbally abused pretty badly foolish child. But that is not the reason that Hung became distraught department. By the calm, knows that this debt with the "gangsters" they could not pay, he also found a way to Hong resolved. His family meeting, stating the wrongdoing of Hung, decided to sell some valuable items in the house, even necessary, to sell the house.
But it seems that Hung has yet to say the truth to their parents. The amount of money lost Hung much larger than his estimate of the Red. Maybe this time, when his son was still nice sweat, he did not know the real Hong heartbreaking this. By studying a few friends to do the same, the company took advantage of their positions Hung leader, embracing the entire month throwing money selling on betting. That amount is not small.
Here, Hung have negative intentions, push yourself to more serious mistakes. Mr. Hong told today as clouds, through my few close friends, Hung knew he was playing a gamble "to be eaten, not ego." On the last Sunday of his life, choose a match, "nail", using any known relationship, Hung called on "the" ball at every door can bet it is. And fate seemed grim for those who always have dark red blood, Hung continues to lose high. With the game "all hands", owe less than $ 50,000 more not more, Hung feel all doors are closed to him.
Monday morning of that fateful day, when suddenly Hung retire to the place where he and his wife sales, Mr. Hong also thought their child was bored and go play for solace. Sitting at a time, Hung suddenly asked his wife: "My parents have not injured the wife and kids?". The mother blandly comforting: "Do not love me that parents are willing to sell the house to pay the debt for it? Reassure your children, your home vegetable vegetables with broth soup, no matter what their parents still love you ".
Hung tears, hugs announced closer, rubbing his head into his mother's womb as his childhood days. Unfortunately, the words of the mother guts, tears of remorse Hung can not fill the emptiness, boredom is flooded in Hung. Until a few hours later, his parents received bad news: Hung had hanged himself.
Hung out to go to a lot of pain for his parents, wife and children, and above all it is a warning during the World Cup in particular, as well as all the other times in general: "The Ghost" gambling can always the ruin of the whole family.


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Good advice!

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