The Game Of Life, The Reality Of It

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We all have emergency situations in life and existence. But are we going to be taken up a level by them, or step down in fear? Today, (as always) I chose to be taken up a level instead of step down in fear and not follow through. But, the point to this article is there is always a choice to be made in a moment. This series of sections advises you on how to use that moment in the best way possible.

To win, you must:

To win, you must step up to the plate no matter the fate it may hand you. Sometimes with a choice that can be mulled over and thought out like a substitute hitter in a ball game or in an instant like being instantly up to bat. But know this, no properly done thing, win or lose is ever really a loss. As long as you do not genuinely give up, you found just another way not to do it, and if you try and work enough, you will ultimately succeed. Many tries and one success that is real is the rule, a lucky success the first time "without really trying" is the exception that proves the rule. To genuinely win, it is not the "immediate" success that counts. It is the repeated failures with success with the effort and understanding behind it that counts in your reality.

To lose, you must:

Depend on luck, depend totally on the first try succeding without any other tries or attempts. Only the worst losers decide that they are not good enough after the very first try and then giving up. In this sense, loss always comes easier than a "lucky beginner's win" because it is easy to quit after the first try. But the hard part is to go on after that "embarrassing" first try at whatever you are doing that lost.

Losing then, is always simpler than winning with understanding. Otherwise, we would all have perfectly engineered childhood times with luxury, pony rides and the whole nine yards, and we would not have the gift of understanding how to win. In short, we would all be blessed, lucky and automatically winning. I know it does not work this way, but if you really want to be a loser that depends on it being done for you without the effort necessary to win for your own genuine self, it would work this way. Many "masterpieces" have been written on this subject: "A Clockwork Orange" by Anthony Burgess for one, another is "1984" by George Orwell/Eric Blair or any ironic story by O. Henry/William Sydney Porter. But that is part of my point, not all of it. Here is the whole thing in a few more sentences:

Utopia. We all think we want utopia as some sort of perfection, but the word "Uto" in the Greek translates to "no", and the word "Pia" in the Greek translates to "place", so if you want to go "no place" and be a loser and not strive for anything, this is your word: Utopia.

But if you want real perfection, strive to be a winner and get genuinely someplace you want to be. The real loser strives for nothing, no place, and (worst of all) no meaning.


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