The "Chance Killer", and the only "Chance Killer"

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Despite working at different rates of speed for all goals, persistence is the chance killer as I shall show in totality in this article.

The death of chance and luck, comes through skill and persistence

Real winning is a combination of two simple things, no matter how hard or easy they seem, subjectively or objectively: Skill and persistence. To become a real winner, you must persist and be smart in using your skills. If you want to succeed in a more "amazing" and quick way, you must innovate even. I did not say succeed outside the rules or cheat, I said innovate. Cheating and innovation are two different things as I shall show. Also, successful traditional cheating depends solely on luck and not getting caught. Innovation depends on creating new methods and better methods of doing things within the rules purely. Even to say, a better way of winning. Indeed, as the title of this section says: The death of chance and luck comes through skill and persistence. But the correct title should have been, the death of chance and luck comes through skill, persistence and innovation.

Innovation is never cheating. In fact, I can genuinely know and say that pure chance and luck depend on genuine institutionalized cheating, not innovation.

The life of success

The life of success comes through pure action and innovation. The life of loss comes from attempts to genuinely cheat without innovation. Think about those statements and start reading again when you get my meaning there.

Life is not based on who is the luckiest at the highest levels, it is based on the person who is the genuine innovator and who takes the best, most massively effective actions. Why do you think Anthony Robbins is still a big self-help guru? Because he is honest in that area when it comes to taking massively effective actions to create change and innovation.

So, here is the reality of the shelf life of success. Success that is real comes to the person that innovates the best at the most and takes the best action at the very least. I mean, think about this fact: Ray A. Kroc in his forties became successful with McDonalds when he got inspired by a simple idea when he was selling milkshake mixers to a hamburger stand on a highway. This is genuinely an example of taking the best action at the very least. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak made serious business computers affordable at less than a thousand dollars in the late 1970s and early 1980s with the Apple I and Apple II computers, this is genuinely an example of innovation at the most. I use these two examples as a randomly generated exposition of the reality of how success genuinely works. After all, the idea works better than the luck in both cases, that is why I am using them as examples. Real success is ideas, goals and opportunity, and all else is commentary, gambling on luck and fearful jealousy of the person taking the opportunity, action and innovation for the real success.

Opportunity, action and innovation has a real shelf life in terms of success, all else is rotten and means nothing. Especially gambling and taking irrational chances. Even Harold Geneen of ITT knew this. After all, why do you think William Clement Stone said "Do you have a problem? That's good!" Because solving problems is a genuine part of opportunity, action and innovation. This is the core of power and the shelf-life of success I am mentioning here. Think about it, then act rationally on it.


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