The Attraction of Texas Hold Em

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Texas Hold 'em Poker is fast becoming the world's most popular card game. As a variant of poker, more players are taking to the game. There are perhaps a number of reasons for its attraction.

The Attraction of Texas Hold Em

Firstly, it is gambling. As such, you could argue that might be the attraction. Gambling, the glamour and the risk-reward associated with it might well be behind some of the attraction of the game.

In addition, that poker is a more unique gambling game. Unlike the likes of Blackjack or Roulette, there is no house-edge, which gives the casino a mathematical advantage. This is not a typical Las Vegas ploy, and for those players who possess a certain amount of skill for the game, it can be a winner.

Hold 'em poker gives players a better chance than most other casino games. The player can flop at any point in the round, or not choose to play at all if the cards are not right. In contrast, the roll of a ball is not something that gives a player such opportunity.

In addition, on or off-line, the game of Texas Hold 'em is simple to play. Not as simple as some casino games, admittedly, but familiarity with the basic hand types from the Royal Flush to a simple pair will for the most part be enough to get you started.

Players can also adopt advanced playing techniques. Be it bluffing, or calculating pot-odds, these can be used to give players an edge during a game.

Another part of the attraction, is that it is game played with numerous players (usually up to eight, but sometimes more). This can lead to fun banter, in friendly games. Not all casino games can offer this.

Behind all this, lies some marketing of Texas Hold 'em. The game is receiving more coverage, with poker tournaments being held that gain it publicity and status not enjoyed by many card or gambling games. These high stake poker games are certainly giving players of the game more, certainly higher prizes!

Who could forget the James Bond film, Casino Royale? Here Hold 'em poker featured prominently in the second half of the film, with Bond using it to rout a terrorist in a high-stake game. At any rate, such coverage of the game enhances the glamour.

So Texas Hold 'em certainly has an attraction that few other card or gambling games can match. The players play against other players, in competitive games. There is no house-edge to overcome, as with such card games as blackjack. It's a fun relatively simple card game to play, which can give reasonably competent players a chance of winning.


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