The Art Of The Bluff And The Art of The Inverse Bluff

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A bluff or inversion of the bluff through overt honesty has to be creative and fully and selfishly done to work. It is sort of like Marlon Brando's method acting style that gets fully and powerfully into the character without breaking even when doing "bad acting" such as playing out of type a Roman Statesman saying "Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears!"

Breaking it down.

Good action is always objectively thought out. It is never done without a plan to fulfill an action or chaotically done spontaneous behavior without thought behind it. A good bluff is almost as seamless as Marlon Brando playing totally inside his type in "Guys And Dolls" as Obadiah "Sky" Masterson. Sure, it is simple and realistically powerful when done right or it is silly and forced "yes, I can tell you are damn well acting" when it is done wrong. I am writing about the secrets to bluffing.

Some of the best acting is seamless and genuinely part of a person doing it, with nuance and realistic thought behind the actions. Action and improvisation without thought and a sense of overconfidence is what gets an actor, performer and host like Wayne Brady in trouble once in a while even in their element. Some of the worst poker players have this problem. When you improvise without a plan, you fall without a net onto the cold ground of genuine loss. Objectively thought out plans that genuinely work are the ultimate safety net in any type of acting or in a poker game bluff that works. It is that simple, that realistic.

The dare and gauntlet

A real master of the bluff and the master of honest advantages are one in the same when it really comes down to it, and I can tell you why: A genuine knowledge and full context understanding of both is the ultimate power. Without that power, all that can happen is that forced spontaneous behavior I wrote about in the last section of this article.

Strength comes from taking an intelligently calculated risk that is successful. Without that intelligence and calculation, all there is really, is a risk. Genuine risk is gambling. A life without even a calculated risk means nothing but boredom, not necessarily loss. To win big you must calculate big and act properly and objectively on those calculations in a calculated and planned risk manner for them to be successful. The dare and the gauntlet are one in the same in this sense: Calculation is always better than chaos when it comes to successful risk. Chaos just seems better emotionally especially when "luck works out", but it is better to win big in a sure way, than to depend on luck. Especially when you want to repeat the win.


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author avatar Retired
15th May 2015 (#)

Interesting article. I would be no good at this game or bluffing.

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author avatar JoshuaClayton
15th May 2015 (#)

Well, let's see, I am also saying that necessity would increase your ability by at least a few percentage points when considering how good you would be. Some of the best bluffers can be inwardly desperate enough to make the bluff work...

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author avatar Diane Zimmerly
16th May 2015 (#)

Hi honey. I really enjoyed the article. Your writings are so inspirational. ;)

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author avatar brendamarie
12th Sep 2015 (#)

you are very good at writing about self help.

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