Success based on skill is repeatable, Success based on luck is mostly not repeatable.

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Consistent luck is a dream. But, developed skill is indeed a reality of life when it comes down to it. Indeed, permanent success comes through skill not luck, no matter how many "lucky breaks" received. In short, to earn, you must give skill to get results. Without it, nothing is earned and lucky breaks are depended on.


Real success is effort, all else is luck and "smart gambling". Without effort, nothing would get invented or done. Without effort, nothing real would get accomplished. Sure, we could all depend on chance instead of effort, but, what would be gained? Nothing. But, if we put in the time to get the equivalent skill to the "luck" we are trying to "have", winnings would be certain. What do you think is Warren Buffett's real investment secret, and why do you think he waited so long to become famously rich? That secret is so simple that people have tried to complicate that secret and obscure it by writing complicated and complex "leadership" books on and "leadership" articles on it. When the secret could not be simpler: Developed effort and skill. Otherwise, he would have been just another thirty year old "whiz kid" who made it early and lost it quickly, over and over instead of having any staying power.

So, the most basic reality: Effort is like an initially slow-moving locomotive, it does not speed up and run you over instantly. But, effort does start out still like a standing locomotive that ends up running hundreds of miles per hour and can run you over when it is full blast or leave you behind in the dust when it is moving at full blast. Same with Warren Buffett's real investment reality.

Like I say in the page summary: "Consistent luck is a dream. But, developed skill is indeed a reality of life when it comes down to it." Can that reality not be more real? Consistent luck is a dream that cannot last, even if "genuinely" achieved, but developed skill is a reality that cannot be taken away as the genuine credit point of existence and life.


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author avatar Teila
27th Jun 2014 (#)

Very nicely done!

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author avatar writestuff
19th Nov 2014 (#)

Enjoyed your realistic observations. Interesting and informative post.

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