Statistics and probability to increase his luck at poker

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Poker is, like all card games (blackjack, baccarat, etc ...), also a mix between bluff and exciting than random chance. The debate is open for many years between those who want to play Cartesian, that is to say justified in terms of probability, and those who want to let their flair, their feeling for each hand (or longer waiting shorter, faster recovery, etc ... these are tangible information to your opponents).

increase his luck at poker

What percentage of chance?

However, it is possible to determine the percentage of luck in poker . At least it can guide a player to know his full hand chances of success, but beware of bad beat and other tilts. Note that the probabilities change depending on the type of poker played, stud, Texas Hold'em or closed ...

Statistics on Texas Hold'em Pre-Flop

Although each party is unique, some examples can allow you to locate the beginning of the game. If you have a 5 and a Jack, you have 24% chance to receive such a hand. On a pocket pair, the percentage chance is reduced to 6%.

For an ace with a small map, it is 15%, but if it is an ace with a king, then the probability decreases to 1%, and if it is a pair Ace then know that you have 1 chance in 200.

Finally, if you have 2 cards in sequence with the same figure, then you have to good use 3% chance you had.

Once the flop appeared

If you have a pair, then you have almost 12% chance of getting a set.

If you have 2 cards whose color is the same, then you have a one in three chance to get a pair, 2% for two pair, no more than 1% for a set, and less than 1% a color.

Also, with 2 cards "suited connectors" your chance to reach a flush draw or a straight draw is still 16%.

Obviously, the more the game goes on (Turn, River), the more likely increase but should have tokens, and the courage to follow ...


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