Sports Betting for Beginners

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Do you fancy a flutter? If yes, then read on. Before you begin it is worth noting that the bookies make sure the odds are at least slightly in their favor. Still, there are a few tips that may give some advantages.

Sports Betting for Beginners

Let us first begin by noting clearly how you may calculate the potential returns of any given odds. Odds are stated something like: 11/1, 7/5, 11/5, 3/10 etc. Such odds give an indication as to firstly how likely a potential team winning is, and then secondly the returns for a win. Just divide the first number given by the second, so for example 7/5 will give 1.4, or 3/10 will give 0.3. As such, for every dollar you can expect $1.4 dollars returned in the first case, or $0.3 which is actually 30 cents returned for every dollar.

When you do this, you can then simply multiply this by your total stake for a potential return. So for example, $10 x 0.3 will win $3 while $10 x $1.4 will give $14! So, there is quite a big difference between these two examples. If a return is less than a $ then it is said to be an odds on bet.

Sports betting really is about considering the value. By backing the favorites to win all the time, you will certainly win more often, but then this may not guarantee a better return. By looking for those teams that may have a chance, but are not favorites, there are greater potential returns. Backing the underdog is not always recommended, but if they have a realistic chance then by all means back them.

Betting on soccer game outcomes is recommended. That is to say that as there are only three potential outcomes, your statistical chances will at least be 1/3. However, in truth if you back the favorite you will win more than you lose, that is for sure, but does not guarantee that you will profit. However, you can also back two potential outcomes which statistically gives you a 2/3 chance and further guarantee that you will win more often. However, the returns will be proportionally less.

Steer clear of long accumulators. Accumulators require a number of accurate results in a number of games, and the longer the accumulator is the longer the odds become. If you must use accumulator, short ones of one, two or three games will give you a much better chance.

These few tips should assist in getting started. Just remember to be realistic, and not wager too much. Good luck! You may need it...


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