Sample play for Heroic Deeds episode 1 part 2

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In my previous Heroic Deeds post I posted the beginning of a sample play. Here it continues

A Heroic Deeds story

This story is a combination of a fantasy adventure story as well as a story about three people playing a role playing called Heroic Deeds. This role playing game is a card based one which has been published on wikinut in its entirety. The previous chapter describes the character creation of the protagonists. The story progresses in regular type while the player interactions appear in italics. I have avoided divulging information about the cards drawn by the storyteller in order not to spoil the story.

The summons of the king

Damrodel and Sir Osric are childhood friends. After having traveled separate paths for several years they now meet at a local tavern. The air is thick with smoke as they sit down at a table for a friendly chat and an opportunity to catch up on each others' exploits. As they are enjoying the fine food and music, a stranger enter the tavern.
He is dressed in the uniform of an officer of the royal guard. Under his arm he carries a rolled up parchment. When he sees Damrodel and Sir Osric he approaches them.
"How fortuitous it is to find you two together" he says as he unrolls the parchment
"You are hereby, requested to accompany me to a special audience with his Royal Majesty King Laurence II" he declares.

This is David, the storyteller's opening description of events. The players are, of course, invited to ask questions, declare actions or let this part of the story roll naturally to see where it is going

Audience with King Laurence

After a brief consultation, Sam and Ted decide that they will let David run the story for now and declare that they follow the officer to the palace.
With a brief fanfare the two heroes are brought before the king.
"My noble heroes" he addresses you
"My daughter, who is betrothed to the Earl of Ganar, has taken ill with a mysterious illness. I have summoned physicians and healers to no avail. The Council of White has determined that the malady is an unnatural one and can only be removed by a powerful artifact. Her marriage is vital to a peace treaty I have constructed with Ganar and her health is thus vital to the existence of our kingdom. I implore you, seek an artifact that can cure this illness and you shall earn a rich reward as well as my eternal gratitude"

Sam turns to David - "Who are the Council of White?" David explains that they are the heads of the tower of magic where Damodrel has studied. Sam then asks if through his studies Damodrel may have uncovered knowledge of an artifact of healing that might be quested for. David decides that, thanks to Damodrel's "Heroic knowledge" this information should be available to the heroes without the need for expending a "Heroic deeds" card.

Damodrel nods his head sagely, "It would seem that we should seek the gemstone known as the Heart of Healing. This stone has been rumored to be capable of healing all ills although once wielded it magically vanishes and returns to its keep. The Keep of the Heart is rumored to be located far to the east deep in the burning desert of Urdo.

Setting off

"But how will you navigate the desert?" asks the king. Surely many have tried before you and failed.

Sam turns to David - "I want to create a white magic spell that will guide us to the tower. Can I do this?" David decides that this can be done but would require expenditure of the "Heroic white magic" card. Sam decides that this is a worthwhile expenditure and declare that Damodrel proceeds to craft the spell.

The king is awed by the display of power "Nonetheless, the desert is a dangerous place. I am sending with you one of my best men - Cardane, he has patrolled the desert borders for years and is skilled in survival in the desert"

Ted and Sam agree that the heroes purchase equipment and mounts and prepare for their journey. They decide that three is too small a number for a dangerous desert expedition and try to recruit others to assist them. People are reluctant because of the perils of the desert. Ted considers having Sir Osric expend his "Heroic chivalry" in order to inspire people to join but decides to save it for a later emergency.

"As the sun grows low on the horizon, you take a good swig of water and ride off determined to use the last hours of light to get as far into the desert as you may. You ride hastily as time is of the essence and the life of King Laurence's daughter is at stake. Lighting you way and leading you on is the beacon of light of Damodrel's guiding spell."

Picture credits and an invitation

Always give credit where credit is due!
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For legal reasons it is very important to make certain that all pictures used are indeed royalty free or otherwise belong to you. If this is not the case, permission should be obtained from the owner!

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