Sample play for Heroic Deeds episode 1 part 1 - Introducing the heroes

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Heroic Deeds, the card game has been published. Now I am publishing sample play with unique eye-candy for my readers...

All rights reserved

This particular concept of card based gaming is completely my own and I reserve all rights to the game although I invite you to play it freely as well as to print out as many cards as you need for personal use. Any attempt to market this game in any way must first be permitted by myself.
Pictures of my tinfoil art - are mine. Please respect that!

Heroic Deeds

Heroic Deeds is a role playing game based on four decks of cards. The game has been previously described by me in a series of posts which are now properly indexed.

This is the first in a series of posts describing sample play.
Sam, Ted and David are three friends who have decided to get together for a session of "Heroic Deeds". Sam and Ted are going to be play as heroes and David is going to be the storyteller. Sam and Ted have each drawn four "Heroic deeds" cards. David needs to draw four "Villainous deeds" cards and two "Heroic quest" cards.


Sam looked at the the four "Heroic deeds" cards she had drawn. With these cards she would create her hero for the game...

Damrodel, a tall and handsome young man in his mid twenties, dressed in fine, comfortable travelling clothes, a long quarter staff at his side, carved with a few intricate runes. Around his neck is a small talisman made of a silvery metal.
Damrodel is has studied for many years in the high tower of magic and has earned the robes of a white mage. While at the tower he spent long hours at the famous library and has thus acquired an incredible breadth of knowledge. His magical flaming staff is a gift from the master of the tower and is carved with fire runes. The staff is bound to Damrodel by magic and will fly to his hand when summoned. It can burst into flames and can shoot tongues of flame from its tip. The talisman is a special magical amulet that, when invoked can be used to teleport Damrodel to safety instantly. Unfortunately, the amulet's power can only be used once before exhausting the magic stored within.

Sam drew the four cards and defined each for how broad or narrow it would be. These definitions are woven into the description of Damodrel given above.
Heroic white magic - was defined broadly - Damodrel is a mage
Heroic knowledge - was defined relatively broadly - Damodrel has studied in an extensive library for years
Heroic magic weapon - was used to define the flaming staff. Sam made sure to make losing the staff difficult since this is a known weakness of this card
Heroic escape - this was defined extremely narrowly - the amulet of teleportation a single use surefire escape method. Hopefully, this will help keep Damodrel alive...

Sir Osric the Strong

Ted considered his four cards. By defining his cards he will be able to craft a hero for whatever challenge David would construct

Sir Osric is a tall and very well built man in his late twenties. His muscular body is crisscrossed with scars from a dozen battles. At his belt lies his massive broadsword which he wears easily like a man who is confident in its use. Both the hilt of his broadsword and his shield bear the crest of the ancient order of The Knights of the Raven. Despite the heavy mail armor that he wears, Sir Osric moves quite easily and naturally, thanks to his great physical strength. The only jewelry that he wears is a simple black metal ring on his left hand. This ring has been enchanted by a long dead sorcerer to give the wearer unnaturally enhanced speed.

Ted has assigned the following definitions to the cards he drew
Heroic chivalry - Sir Osric is a Knight of the Raven, entitled to full honors of a knight, equipment of a knight, a warhorse and formal training
Heroic sword fighting - Sir Osric is a master swordsman, he has studied for years under several masters of the blade. In his hands, the broadsword becomes a deadly weapon indeed.
Heroic strength - Sir Osric is incredibly strong, he is one of the strongest men around.
Heroic speed - Sir Osric possess a magical ring that improves the speed of his actions. He can thus, move faster, strike faster etc. This speed is clearly magical and beyond that which might seem mere quickness in a human.

Picture credits

Always give credit where credit is due!
Most pictures are originally royalty free from - Some of the pictures are modified by me for the purpose of this article.

The tinfoil art is all completely original - made by myself specifically for this series of sample play. All rights on these pictures are therefore reserved and I would appreciate respecting that.

For legal reasons it is very important to make certain that all pictures used are indeed royalty free or otherwise belong to you. If this is not the case, permission should be obtained from the owner!

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