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A quick and funny look at how to win at a game that you can't really beat the odds with.

Roulette, How to win and beat the casino.

The wheel is spun, you place your bets, if the ball lands on your number you win. So easy a fifth grader can do it. Roulette is one of the few casino games where there is no strategic advantage. The house nor the player can manipulate odds in his or her own favour. Unlike black jack when a player's hit or stand could possibly dictate the outcome of the dealers hand. Roulette is simple, you win or you lose, no one cares about what you do. Unless you're really talented at physics.

Cheating in roulette is nearly impossible but on occasion people with the ability to calculate specific forces can increase their odds, kind of. When the dealer spins the wheel it is possible to start calculating the velocity of the wheel. You have about 45 seconds before no more bets can be placed so you'll have to think fast. Once the ball is spun in the opposite direction you must calculate it's velocity as well. From these two calculations you can kind of determine where the ball might land but there still are so many possible ways to knock it off course. This is where you'll have to cut the wheel into big pieces and bet accordingly.

A roulette wheel is like a pie with 37 slices (depending on the country or state you're in.) trying to hit one slice is hard enough but if you grouped slices together then you'll have greater odds. Pay attention to the board, the numbers aren't numerical in order. So when you're creating larger slices made up of groups of numbers you'll have odd combinations like 5,17,32 as oppose to 1,2,3,4.

So, if you can calculate the velocity of the wheel and the ball you should be able to figure out when the ball will slow down and in what part of the pie it will land close to. Again, its not a science, I mean it uses science but still isn't that accurate a way to increase your odds. I find the best way to win at roulette is to have as many drinks as you possibly can handle and just hand your credit card to the pit boss and ask for a marker. (Don't do that please)


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author avatar David Reinstein,LCSW
14th Oct 2012 (#)

"... if you can calculate the velocity of the wheel and the ball" is a really BIG "if." It's a losers game as are they all. Craps and black-jack give better odds, but in the end, the House always comes out ahead and most players lose...

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