Roulette Systems: Pros and Cons of the Martingale

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This article includes a brief guide to the Martingale.

Roulette Systems: Pros and Cons of the Martingale

The Martingale double down is a basic Roulette strategy, which involves doubling bets after losses. Certainly the Martingale is an interesting approach to Roulette that has advantages and disadvantages.

The strategy itself involves starting with a minimum unit on an even chance bet. Then when a spin is lost, the bet is doubled on the next spin. This continues until the player wins, and then the progression ends with a one-unit profit. It is then restarted from a minimum unit.

As an example, supposing a player starts with one dollar on the red colour and then loses. As such, on the next spin it is doubled to two dollars, then to four and then to eight. Here, the red is spun and the player wins eight dollars, which is one dollar more than what has been lost.

As such, given that an even chance spin - which it actually is not with the house edge can be won more regularly it may seem that the Martingale could be a good approach to roulette. After all, with a good bankroll you could do well with it. It is unlikely that you will lose more than five spins with the Martingale.

However, it is worth noting that most roulette tables now have table limits of some description in place. So, for example, if you were to lose seven spins then you may not be able to double up for the eighth time, which would exceed the table limit. Such a scenario will leave you out of luck at the roulette table, and with over $100 lost in total.

Admittedly, the chances of such a run may be less than one percent overall. So, this may seem like a slim chance to some and worth playing. With a higher table limit, then the chances will be all the better.

Having said that, the chances are that you will likely have a few bad runs at the Roulette table at some stage. Were this to happen a few times, then you may find that the Martingale is not such a great approach to Roulette after all.

So the Martingale double down approach has advantages and disadvantages. If you can find a table with higher table limits, then the better the Martingale will be. On less generous Roulette tables, the Martingale will most likely be more disappointing. Also, do not play the double zero Roulette game which has two zeros included.

As a suggestion why not considering playing the Martingale double down on non-casino table. Then you can really sample the benefits and drawbacks of this Roulette strategy.


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