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We all know that winning the lottery is not easy, against all odds if you feel lucky enough to win, have a gut feeling, or just want to try, here is something you can do without loosing anything.

Online free Money

Winning the lottery will give you a lot of money, but the odds of winning are so less that no one really recommends it, and very frankly, it is considered worse than gambling away your money where you actually do have a very small chance to win if you are very lucky that day.
Yes you can win free money online, and it will not be millions or even thousands, it won't be hundreds, but you may know how easy or hard it is to win, you can try your luck and gamble away your time. There are a few sites which will pay you if you get lucky by playing short games online. One such very famous site is Money Croc.
I just found a link to free money online and then searched for free money on google, the first link was this website, and I cannot say its one of a kind website, there are quite a few, I have known for a while about them, but never really tried my luck, this website however seems genuine and the odds of winning seemed larger than others, one of the reason for this is a small price, which they give away from what they earn from advertising to people who visits and tries his luck.

So can I really Win

Yes, you can, but you can also win the lottery, its not impossible, the odds of winning on these sites are much higher, I have to say. You do loose a lot of time and after a while you do feel like a loser, but eventually day after day, if you try you will win here someday.
So if you are thinking about trying you luck, don't straight away go for the lottery, it costs you something, search for free money sites, if you do really want to play the lottery, no one can stop you, and if its bugging you, you should just go and try.

How do they pay you?

So how will they pay you? Is it genuine,or for $5 or $50 I will have to spend more than I make?
Actually no, they will make the transfer through paypal, it is completely secure and through an online research you can find the safest website for you.


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30th Oct 2014 (#)

Thank you for your comment.Let's try it!

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