Poker Tourneys: Picking your spots

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A brief but crucial look at when to make your plays in a poker tournament.

Luck vs. Timing

One thing that separates a mediocre player from a good player is timing. Much of this may seem like luck, or "just poker," as some may put it, and to a certain extent, it can be.

For instance, going broke in a tourney with an above average stack with AA on a board of QJ10 with two of the same suit, just for example. Or sticking it in preflop with AK os in the early rounds of a tourney. Much of this is really just undue, and though these plays could be narrowly justified statistically in some instances, putting oneself in situations such as these is letting the cards play you

Preflop vs Postflop

Why would you take mediocre odds with AK to an underpair early in a tourney, when you could just outplay them in a later hand when you are a huge favorite? If you feel you are a superior poker player to your opponent, it is in your best interest to try to take the play post flop.

Post flop you stand a chance to be in a more dominating position and subsequently, take smaller risks. This is not to say that it is wrong to be aggressive preflop, as it is absolutely neccessary to drive out weaker hands preflop. Especially when you feel as though you may be out matched and/or short stacked, preflop aggression is your best bet, because you can't, as stated before, be that dominated preflop.

The Big Stacks

Another tip that may seem obvious, or may not: it is in your best interest to stay out of the way of big stacks in a tourney if you also are a big stack. You should zero in on people with average or smaller stacks, one because their short stack will neccessitate risky plays, and two, because you can't get broke against a short stack. Though a player may know the odds, starting hand groupings, the importance of position, and so on, knowing when to attack and who to attack can be much more important, particularly in tourney play.


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10th Mar 2012 (#)

Though, I know nothing about Poker, but this piece definitely is interesting to read. Nice work!

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19th Mar 2012 (#)

I have seen this game on TV but never been experienced this ... Any how nice to share this and thanks.

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