Playing the Slot Machines is a Great Pastime for Senior Citizens

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There are several casinos in my area which I frequent on a regular basis. I am careful never to spend beyond my means and most casinos give perks to entice patrons to return again, such as free buffets, free play vouchers and sometimes merchandise for frequent players. Most players are senior citizens who have the time and money to spend; it is a pleasant pastime if used correctly.

Playing the Slot Machines is a Great Pastime for Senior Citizens

I was introduced to the slot machines by a friend when we visited a nearby Casino about fifteen years ago. I wasn't immediately drawn into this form of entertainment, but over the years I have had my share of good and bad days at the Casino.

Now it is one of my favorite types of entertainment. I am not always successful, but I did get lucky on a family vacation and won $2,500 on a penny machine at the Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City. On another excursion to Las Vegas with some friends - which included the friend who initially drew me in - I won $1,250 on a penny machine on the first night I arrived. This financed my gambling for the next five days that we were there, and I came home about $200 richer than when I arrived.

I won $5,800 by a strange fluke about two years ago when I played a two-cent machine, thinking it was a penny machine. I often play the max which on this machine was $2.50 a pop. I hit the button twice when the monitor went wild with pictures of coins. I learned a month later when I went back to that machine that, because it was a two-cent machine, I was playing $5.00 with each hit, a risk that I would not ordinarily take. It appears that you have to bet $5.00 to come up with a huge jackpot such as $5,800.

Here and there, I have come out ahead with $850, or $375, or $70, but I will confess that I lose much more often than I win. However, my constant cry has always been "I don't drink, I don't smoke, but I gamble for entertainment." The secret is to walk away when you are ahead. I confess that I do not always follow my own advice.

But yes, it is a great pastime for senior citizens. Nevertheless, I do not advise anyone to begin this habit if you have lived happily without this stimulation in the past. It is highly addictive. If you don't have the will power to stay within your means, and spend only current income that you can afford to lose, this type of entertainment is not for you. The number of bankruptcies in my area have soared since casinos have become legal in the western New York area.

If you look around at the patrons in any of these casinos, it is obvious that most of the people are retired senior citizens who have found gambling an invigorating form of entertainment. We are probably the first generation of senior citizens who might be loosely termed "independently wealthy" with social security and pensions to give us the freedom and self-reliance to spend our days on whatever leisure activities we choose to pursue. "Playing the Slots" is just one of those choices.


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author avatar Miss Dance
24th Jun 2013 (#)

It's true that gambling can be really fun and a good pastime for retired people, as long as they don't spend more than they can!
Personally, I don't go to a casino very often, but when I do, I only take as much money as I'm willing to spend, and if I've lost and spent it all, I go home.

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