Playing Slot Machines Can Be Fun But Just Don't Take Them Too Seriously

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You can tell a gambler almost anything but not about how slot machines work!

Slot machines observations in the Key of C

You know that old saw about you are what you eat? Well, here’s a new version that has to do with slot machines. You are what you play.

As a social gambler, I’ve observed many things at my favorite gambling hole----Snoqualmie Casino.

When I run out of money (or just get tired of playing the machines) I sit back and watch other players. It’s very interesting how some players take on the personality of the machine they’re playing.

I observed a man on the King Cheetah machine who, when the machine made the sound of the African safari, he’d mimic the cheetah’s purr. At least I think that’s what he was going for. I couldn’t be sure because his second (who’s counting?) scotch and soda might have influenced the accuracy of the sound he was trying to reproduce. At any rate, it was a little unnerving, and I moved away before he lost all his money. (I didn’t want to hear the sound an angry cheetah makes when a Lion steals his food.)

Then there was the woman who looked Aunt Bea on the Andy Griffith show.
‘Aunt Bea’ was playing the Kitty Glitter machine. She was playing 40 cents and I knew there would be no way she could get the $1000 jackpot unless she was playing the maximum coins.

No matter: Aunt Bea was enjoying herself. Aunt Bea was a petter. Before each spin she would ‘pet’ the kitties (for good luck), her favorite kitty seemed to be the white Persian but she was democratic and made sure that all the kittens got their pets and strokes before she hit the play button.

When she won something--and on forty cents--it wasn’t much, she would make a sound not unlike a meow.

The three Pot of Diamonds came up and gave her 15 spins. She was jubilant! I snuck a peak to see what her bonus count was---$20.00, not bad for forty cents, but she was as excited as if she’d won $200.00

When she got down to $5.00, (she stared with $40.00) I was hoping that she would cash out, but alas, she didn’t. She kept hitting that spin button until she was down to her last dollar.

Aunt Bea was no longer ‘meowing’ at the machine, but she wasn’t purring either.

Two more plays and she was down to twenty cents. She petted the white cat before playing her last twenty cents. When no cats lined up, she looked at the machine as if she’d just lost her best friend. When she saw me watching her she smiled and said that the machine was misnamed----it should be called kitty litter!

I was glad that she still had her sense of humor. Social gamblers need their sense of humor.

I understand slot player’s little idiosyncrasies, we all have them.

For example, I drive my sister nuts when I ‘speed up’ the win count. She’s convinced that I win less when I speed up the count because I somehow change ‘the sequence.’

The “ding dings drive me crazy, I say, but she says ‘get over it’ I’m gypping myself out of extra points when I speed up the count.

I try on last tactic. “I read somewhere that that all the sounds that a slot machine makes are in the key of C. Do you know that, huh? All 1700 of the state-of-the-art slot machines in this casino are in the key of C!”

“Who in the hell cares what key you’re jackpot is in! ,” she says with an expression of complete disgust. (The last time I saw that look was when I told her I voted for Barack Obama for president.)

Slot players have their little quirks, but there is quirk that I react to that just like a person running his finger down a blackboard.

And it is this: Players who stop their machines in the middle of the spin, and should they happen to win they yell, “I stopped it!”

Why should I care if someone feels that they can change the outcome of a machine by stopping it?

I care because the player is deluded into thinking he can change the outcome of a spin once the ‘play’ button is hit. And these Stoppers not only hit the stop button hard (ever wonder why the cap comes off the play button so much?) but will often pound the display glass for good measure if their ‘stop’ doesn’t give them a good hit or a jackpot. (Ever wonder why there are so cracked display screens?)

The whole truth is once you push the play button, you cannot change the outcome.

The random number generator spews out whole numbers hundreds of times a second. The instant you press the button,…or to quote Tom Harris on How Slot Machine Work, (…The computer records the next few numbers from the random number generator. Then it feeds these numbers through a simple program to determine where the reels should stop”

Hello. The stops are already determined when you hit the play button.
I used to tell the player that he would have hit that jackpot if he’d closed his eyes or moved away form the machine: Stopping it makes no difference in the outcome.

But I don’t do that anymore. I was being a party pooper and challenging the way they chose to play the machine. And besides, who asked me?

Moreover, I was just reminding the player that he’s solely at the mercy of virtual stops, step motors and how the computer divides numbers to determine reel positions, and who is interested in the many ways that the slot machine takes your money?

The only reason I mention it now is the ‘stopping’ action is usually followed by slapping the display screen, and that is my business.

No, I’m not the slot police, but I do know that every time a machine is trashed it has to be replaced, and computerized slot machines don’t come cheap. That money for replacement has to be made up some way, and it’s a pretty good bet the casino guests will absorb (in one way or another) some of the cost.

I hate seeing a slot machine abused. It’s just a computer doin’ its job for goodness sakes!


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