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This is a rough explanation of how the card game "Heroic Deeds" should be played. Further articles which illustrate the concept will be forthcoming.

Legal notice

This particular concept of card based gaming is completely my own and I reserve all rights to the game although I invite you to play it freely as well as to print out as many cards as you need for personal use. Any attempt to market this game in any way must be first permitted by myself.

The card game "Heroic Deeds"

"Heroic Deeds" is a card based roleplaying game designed by myself. The concept was first described in an article I published a while back. Having further discussed this project on a later wikinut article where I started to introduce the actual game, I will now try to describe the basic process by which the game is played.
Future articles will include examples of play as well as cards for the game.

Three decks of cards

As previously described, the basic game is based on three separate decks of cards:
1) The deck of "Heroic Deeds" - describing the capabilities of the heroes being played by the players. Each player should receive four cards for the construction of his hero. These cards are guidelines and can be used in any of several ways.
2) The deck of "Villanous Deeds" - this describes the capabilities of the villain or villains of the story. The storyteller should draw a number of cards equal to twice the number of players for his villain or villains (Thus for two heroes, four cards will be drawn and six will be drawn for three heroes, etc.). Again, as with the "Heroic Deeds" cards their significance can be manipulated in various ways. These cards are for the storyteller and should be kept hidden from the other players.
3) The deck of "Heroic Quests" is used for constructing the quests for the adventures the heroes are about to embark on. The storyteller should draw two cards from this deck. Again these cards should remain hidden from the players.

Future decks

I am currently working on several ideas for future decks. On of these which is nearly ripe is a "Quest Relationship" deck which is supposed to help the storyteller determine the relationship between the two quest cards that he has drawn.

Coming next

Four sample "Heroic Deeds" cards
1) Heroic stealth
2) Heroic archery
3) Heroic tracking
4) Heroic ally

Two sample character creations based on these cards

Picture credits

All rights reserved, crossed swords from (royalty free)
Three decks of cards - based on a royalty free image - modified by myself


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