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As stated in previous articles, knowing the basic rules and the house rules are important, it is also helpful to know the terms used during a blackjack game.

Terms used in a Blackjack game.

The game of Blackjack can be fun to play as well as rewarding if played correctly. By knowing at least some of the terms used during a game it becomes less confusing as to what the dealer means when he/she ask if a player wants to hit (be dealt another card), stand (not draw and play the cards the player has), surrender (forfeit the hand). Or maybe a veteran player at the table will refer to another player as having an Alpo or puppy hand which means the hand is not likely to win.

Terms used in a Blackjack game.

A bankroll simply means the amount of chips a player has. Betting a buck is when a player makes a wager of one hundred dollars. When a player is called cold it means that they are have having a losing streak. Anyone called a counter is a person who is counting or can count the cards in hope of bettering their chances of winning.

To double down the player turns his/her first two cards face up and places an equal amount of chips next to the original bet, the player only receives one additional card if he/she double downs. If a player is making only small wagers then he/she may be called a grinder.

Insurance and even money are side bets offered if the face up card of the dealer is an ace. An insurance bet can pay double if the dealer's cards are a natural but can also lose if the dealer does not hit a natural.

The majority of casinos have a minimum amount allowed to be bet and a maximum that a player can bet on each hand.

A pat hand is one where the player has at least seventeen points. If the player and the dealer have a hand that has the same amount of points it is considered a push. With a push hand the player does not lose his/her bet and dealer does not win the bet therefore no money will change hands.

Other terms such as press is when a player bets more or a larger amount then they usually bet, also known as or called press a bet which is doubling a usual bet. If a player is said to be pressing then he/she is allowing whatever they won on a previous hand to be added to the original bet, this is sometimes referred to as letting it ride.

A shoe is a box made of wood or plastic and is used hold and deal more than one deck of cards. It is designed so that the dealer can remove one card at a time when he/she is dealing.

In order to split cards the must have a pair such as a pair of twos or any other cards as long as the cards are a pair. When a player splits a pair they must put down and equal amount for a wager on each card.

A hard hand contains cards that total eleven but do not include an ace, if an ace is one of the cards the ace is counted as one. If a player draws a hard twelve up to seventeen the hand is called a stiff hand and not likely to be a winning bet if a player takes a hit with this kind of hand.


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