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Learning the game of Blackjack is not difficult once you know the basic rules of the game, and the rules are fairly simple to understand.

Basic way the game is played.

The basic rules of Blackjack are fairly simple and mainly apply to how the dealer is supposed to play the game.

Up until the time when automatic card shufflers were invented and put into use in casinos, it was relevantly easy for a dealer to stack a deck of cards so that the odds were more in favor of the house winning and the players only winning small amounts and very seldom. Although it is illegal for a dealer to stack a deck it was still done by some.

However, after the invention of automatic card shufflers people began to learn how to count the cards as they were played. Being able to count cards put the odds more in favor of the player who was able to count them. When a single deck is used it is not difficult to count cards, however, the more decks used in a game the harder it is to count them. If a player gets caught counting cards they are removed from the game and in some cases banned from the casino. Plus their name is added to a black list usually including a picture of the person and naming them as a card counter. Then the list is circulated among the casinos in order to protect themselves from the card counters.

Basic way the game is played

The idea of the game is to reach twenty-one points but not get more than twenty-one. Any player who gets more than twenty-one is considered an automatic lose. The way the points are determined is by adding up the spots on the cards. Twos or deuces as they are sometimes called equals two points, threes through nines are counted the same way. Tens, jacks, queens and kings each count as ten points. Aces are the only exception in the points system, they count either as one or eleven and is decided by the player which way they will count. So if a player has a hole card of seven and a face up card of ten the total points would seventeen. If the hole card is ten and the face up card is an ace they would have either eleven or twenty-one.

Players generally sit at a table that is a semicircle with the dealer being on the inside of the semicircle. The deal begins with a card being dealt to the first player sitting to the dealer's right. Generally the first card is dealt face down. In most versions of Blackjack the dealer gives himself/herself a first card face down. The second card is dealt face up again starting with the first player sitting to the dealer's right. After the second card has been dealt the players check their cards to find out how many points they have. At this point they can split pairs, stand, buy insurance, draw or surrender.

The most important card on the table among all of the players is the face up card of the dealer. A dealer's face up card determines how a player should play what they have been dealt.

When the dealer has completed dealing cards to the firs player he/she will go to the next player and do the same thing. The dealer will continue doing this until he/she has done this with each player then he/she will show their face down card and decide what to do according to whatever their points are. He/she can either hit to try and beat what the players have showing or surrender and pay out what each player has won. After the dealer has made his/her decision and paid the winners a new game is started.


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