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Omaha is a game basically originated from Poker and is played with five central cards. The game comes with two variances – Omaha High and Omaha Hi/Lo split.

The rules of Omaha High are quite simple and easy to understand and are explained in this article.

The Game

Following are the components of an Omaha high game, briefly explained:

The Dealer

The dealer amongst all the players, acts at the end after the betting rounds have been done. A “Button” actually identifies and distinguishes a dealer from other players and it keeps on getting circulated to the left of each player after every hand. Just like the Texas Holdem, players can place the blind bets to commence the game.

The Start

Similar to the Texas Holdem game, two blind bets are placed in the beginning. The player just immediate left to the dealer places a smaller bet, and the one left to this player, places a bit higher bet. The rest of the players, don’t place any bet to start the game, but place blind bets every time a player gets the button.

The Opening

Once the players are done with the blind bettings, every player is dealt four cards face down. The player with the small blind receives the first card, and the player having the dealer button gets the last card.

The Flop

These are the cards that are turned face up at the center of the table. These cards work as community cards that can be shared by all the players in the game.

The Turn

Once the betting round after the distribution of flop is done, the dealer deals another card, and places this fourth card face up at the center of the table. This is called the “Turn”.

The River

The last round of betting is carried forward after the dealer takes out fifth card and turns it over face up, which is called the “river”.

The Showdown

In order to decide upon the winner, the players need to use two of the “pocket” or “hole” cards and another three of the “Board” cards including “Flop”, “River” and “Turn”, to make a complete hand of five cards. The one with the highest five-card hand, wins the game. In case, two players get a tie, the pot gets split between the players. The tie is always decided on the five cards, and the sixth card is never utilized for any purpose of breaking the tie.

Omaha is a fun filled game, and quite easy to learn.


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