More Than Just Fun

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An article about how gambling can progress from a recreational hobby to a gambling addiction and can become more than just fun.

More Than Just Fun

The majority of people will start gambling just for fun. They will play a little money here and there and get rewarded with a free drink. Eventually they will win some jackpot money and make friends with the cocktail waitress, bartender, and the other gamblers. They will start gambling more often and their gambling outings will become a social recreational hobby. As they begin gambling more frequently then their gambling could become more than just fun and could progress from a recreational hobby into a compulsive addiction.

Gambling can be a lot of fun when it is performed in moderation. Those people who already have an addictive personality will have a hard time gambling in moderation and their gambling behavior can turn into a gambling addiction. Gamblers who can gamble in moderation will spend only a certain amount of money or they will know when to stop or walk away. Then there are compulsive gamblers who have no control of their gambling but instead their gambling has control over them.

There comes a period when the fun stops and a person will be controlled by their obsession and compulsion to gamble. Gambling becomes more than fun and can turn into a self-defeating behavior. A gambling addiction will cause a gambler to get into substantial financial debt and can cause separation between them and their family and friends. Some addicted gamblers will get involved in abnormal behavior so as to get money to support their gambling problem.

Gambling is a worldwide industry and provides the atmosphere for gamblers to have a gambling problem. Today people can even stay home and gamble on the internet and they do not have to travel to a gambling mecca like Las Vegas, Nevada. There are many groups, organizations, and even casinos who have a concern for compulsive gamblers with a gambling addiction. As long as gambling is fun then people will continue to gamble. A lot of gamblers will stop or have to stop when gambling for them in no longer fun.


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author avatar Mariah
10th Oct 2013 (#)

Thank you for writing this page Michael.
A member of my family changed from a caring loving and reliable person, into a complete stranger.. through gambling.
It's a very painful experience to watch, and there is very little that can be done for the person affected by gambling addiction, they hide their pain behind lies, they feel ashamed and distance themselves from their loved ones.
I cringe when I see the amount of online opportunities there are now for gambling, it's alarming to think how many will go down the same slippery slope... without having to leave their homes.

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