Mike Tyson Vs George Foreman: What if?

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Time travel is just fantasy. But what if we can bring back time where Mike Tyson and George Foreman were on their prime and fight against each other in the boxing ring? What if…

If Time Travel Is Real, Who will Win the fight Between Mike Tyson and George Foreman?

In every boxing match, everyone has their own take and pick of who’s going to win and who’s going to lose. Although we know that we are all winners for witnessing legendary fights, we can’t deny the fact that we have our own bet of what’s going to be the outcome. Indeed, if there’s a sporting event that is creating most of the buzz amongst the crowd and bookmakers, boxing is surely one of them. Of course, not the mention millions or even billions of dollars being wasted just by placing bets. However, at the end of the match, it is programmed in our mind that there are only possible scenarios – can either be a win, lose or draw.

Winning Statistics

As the title implies what’s going to be your take for this scenario? Is it going to be Big George or the Iron? This is just a fan made question made by me and I highly respect your own opinion. Whoever your pick is, I’m sure you are confident on your explanation. But let’s get into the statistics first. George Foreman retained himself 40-0 with 37 K.Os including the devastated one of Ken Norton. Unfortunately he lost against Muhammad Ali in his 41st fight entitled “Rumble in the Jungle”. Then later he came back and earned 4 more victories including win over Joe Frazier retaining a record of 45-2.

A decade passed and he decided to box and won the world title against Michael Moorer. If statistics is concern, Big George was ultimately the fighter who had the most number of wins than ever before. In my own opinion, it was going to be interesting for fans if Ali granted a rematch against him but that was totally odd knowing the he never refused rematches except for Big George. We have fighters like Norton, Frazier etc. Could this be a proof that Ali didn’t totally ducked off Foreman? Could be, but we never knew the real story behind that match.

On the other hand, Tyson started with 19-0 stat before marking a unanimous decision with Mitch Blood Green. At the age of 20, he managed to sweep victories including the WBC title against Trevor Berbick. After that, 9 more fights came to his way having the record of 37 with 33 knockouts. After which, he lost against James Douglas on the 8th round. Overall, Tyson’s performance was truly incredible. He had the speed advantage, the ideal size and the reach that is enough to move his way against huge opponents.

Game predictions:

In my own take as sports journalist, it’s going to be clear the big George has a great chance of winning this fight if ever this was set. However, Tyson still has the ability the change the rhythm and the whole game play. Foreman was a powerhouse and blessed with strong chin. The only thing was that he had this habit of dropping his guard of which Tyson might take advantage of. Overall, foreman has the height advantage and is capable of catching opponents who are smaller than him. Both has the stamina to last for about 24 rounds but could be a lucky punch that would decide who’s going to bring home the victory.

For sure, you are truly curious about the result of this match if ever this could happen. However, whatever the result is, there is always this thing “I think blank will win”. This only means we always love outcomes of sporting events. If so, we can try to put some prizes at stake for our winnings and that is why the concept of sports betting has been made. Today there are lots of sports bookmakers like DafabetSports. On the other hand, you just need to Google to find the rest of them.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
6th Jan 2016 (#)

Aaron, I love the idea of time travel even if it is only fantasy. I like the way you presented your article. My guess on this match is Tyson and the reason I say that is because if he engages his off the wall tactics he will win hands down. If he goes strictly by the rules then possibly Foreman will win. I guess it's a toss up.

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author avatar Aaron Welch
7th Jan 2016 (#)

Hi Nancy. Thanks for the kind words. Well, we have different points indeed and being a boxing fan, we've got different picks based on boxing eras. These two boxers are truly legendary in their prime eras and no question about. Johnnydod thanks for moderating my article.

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
31st May 2016 (#)

Its Tyson pound for pound!

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
31st May 2016 (#)

Regardless f their sterlng records its the style the conts..as per Maurice Tilman superb analysis in Similar question thrown in Quora "Foreman was a powerhouse. However, he had a nasty habit of not moving his head and dropping his guard (a bad habit that plagued his comeback as well). As a result, he ate too many unnecessary shots to the face. The way Foreman fought, he would've killed himself. A slugfest is exactly what Tyson provokes his usually much larger opponents to do every fight. That's how Tyson always manages to find the inside.
Tyson likes opponents that trade punches because they don't move much. If Foreman fought Tyson the same way he fought in the 60's and 70's, with his wide punches, lack of head movement, and wild hay makers, Tyson would've beat him inside of 5 rounds. Tyson's hands speed would've been too much..."

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author avatar Mary lisa
12th Jan 2020 (#)

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