Luck; Science or State of Being

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Do you feel Lucky? Why do some people seem to get all the breaks? Is it possible to begin to shift towards a more fortunate attunement?

Luck; Birthright or a Learned Skill?

I've always been curious about luck, and linked it closely with my spiritual beliefs and prayer. This is probably because, like so many, I grew up in a condition of not having what I wanted and moved on to a situation of needing what I didn't have. My sister, more lucky than I, would tell me, "don't worry, I just have the feeling that something good is about to happen for you, I can picture you getting a check in the mail soon." This would always sustain my spirit long enough to stop worrying and continue the day to day survival that was necessary. I received no big checks in the mail, but I got numerous small ones from various relatives that knew of my struggles. They would include a note that would say something like, "Maybe you can use this, for some reason I was thinking of you today." Once a distant cousin sold an old boat, and instead of buying a power tool he'd been wanting, he sent me the check, exactly enough to pay my rent that month.

But what about those people who seem to win contests, job promotions, the perfect partner, and even the weekly poker pot? Luck seems to come easy to these people, most of them seem to want for nothing. They usually seem very happy-go-lucky, seemingly unaware they have even entered the sweepstakes they just won. Science and quasi-science has tried to identify and cage the power of luck since the beginning of time. This where "lucky charms" and tokens, spells of good and evil and incantations got their birth. Some still cling to certain rituals, such as the football player who refuses to change his socks when he is on a winning streak. Astrologers feel that people are born under lucky "signs" according to the time and place of their birth and Feng Shui encourages growing a bamboo plant, or the certain placement of a fish tank, along with many other adjustments to the surroundings of the individual. The very pragmatic may say if you want good fortune, go to college and get a good degree, then you'll be fortunate enough to maybe get a job.

Practicing Your Own Luck

I decided to practice what I will call Luck. I had to practice in ways that eliminated the factors of need and desperation, so if I used money, it was very little, and only what I could afford. Sometimes a few dollars for a scratch off ticket, initially, and I only used scratch offs, because I needed the immediate feedback. At first my scratch off money was used up very quickly at the first of the month, because I was so eager to experiment, and certain I would win. Then I began only buying the tickets when I had a definite feeling that it was TIME to buy a ticket. I started making regular and consistent small wins and using my winnings to reinvest in more gambling, after I had bought small luxuries I wouldn't have gotten otherwise. But just as suddenly my streak ended cold and I took it as a sign that the experiment in scratch offs was over.

Being intuitive and listening to your intuition is the greatest part of luck. The second greatest part of luck is the ability to devine fortune where you at first glance only find bad luck. It is important to remember that luck does not only come in dice and cards and lotteries, but the most relevant form of luck comes with the connections we make through people we meet every day, and the way we treat people and nature. If we ever do unlock the secret to luck, it will be into all of nature.

Attitude is a huge part of luck. A couple of months ago I was playing a dice game with my step daughter and her boyfriend. He had just taught it to us both and was determined that he would win. I decided that I would win. It was a game of 80% luck and 20% skill. I didn't start my winning streak well, despite the fact that it was an easy game, but I began remembering the luckiest moments of my life, and feeling the joy I had felt when everything had finally turned my way and I'd known I'd won the situation. I felt the joy and the goosebumps all over again as I rolled the dice, and quickly gained a score that would be impossible to beat. "just remember the happiest, luckiest day of your life," I instructed the other players, feeling downright giddy. My stepdaughter tried for a little while and made a little inroads to catching up with me but her boyfriend kept lamenting my high score and blowing every roll. Eventually they both gave up and I won twenty dollars.
The future still looks fantastic.


Art Of Luck, Creating Good Fortune From Bad, Cultivating A Lucky Intuition

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author avatar Songbird B
29th Apr 2013 (#)

A really good read Helen. Intuition can play a big role when it comes to luck. Listening to that still quiet voice inside you can make all the difference..Another great read\0/x

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author avatar Helen Stuart
25th May 2013 (#)

Thank you songbird. I seem to chase luck the harder I try to catch it.

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