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Who does not want to be rich overnight?And the best way to achieve that is to win a lottery. With this idea in mind, I purchase lottery tickets regularly.I have always been optimistic and I am waiting for the day when fortune will actually smile on me.

What are lotteries?

Lotteries are games wherein million copies of tickets are printed for sale to intending purchasers,declaring prizes of money from the highest denomination of Rs 50 lakhs to lowest denomination of Rs 10 only. There are several prizes ranging from 1st prize to 10th prize in the series of tickets. It is a declared policy that only the sold tickets of all series are generally put to the draw of lottery. There is only one 1st prize of all series along with consolation prizes for each series. Tickets are printed with 6 digits and 3 or 6 letters. The state lotteries are generally conducted by the concerned Directorate of the state government. The state lotteries are guided by the statutory acts of the state government. It is also a fact that most of the states of India have prohibited the operation of state lotteries. But in few states like West Bengal and Sikkim .these lotteries are in full swing In adjacent country like Bhutan the state lotteries and online lotteries are conducted by the state and are very popular with the Bhutanese.Similarly the state lotteries are also popular in the states of West Bengal and Sikkim. These are held in every month.Sometimes these are held on special occasions like new year, Buddha Purnima, celebration of Durga Puja festivals.Many of the peoples of these states purchase tickets to try their luck.The lottery-software are installed in the computer which decides the fate of all purchased ticket holders. The proceedings of the draws of the lotteries are presided over by two or three eminent peoples of the state. Its results are printed in the daily newspapers on the following day for wide circulation of the people. The purchasers of the tickets tally with the numbers printed in the daily news papers.If the numbers remain the same, he or she prefer claim before the lottery authorities.

Why lotteries are popular

Lotteries are chances of winning 1st prize,if luck favours the fortune. Everybody purchases the ticket with the hope of winning it. It is their firm conviction that one day he will win the prize. It is the formation of habit that he will purchase the ticket.He will anxiously wait for the memorable day when luck would favour him with the great fortune. He does not get depressed if he fails in his attempt. He will be encouraged if he finds that a known person has won the lottery. It has a great psychological impact on his mind . He gets enthused to concentrate on purchasing more tickets. But alas! he does not get a chance to win the lottery. It is simply a wastage of money. It is a bad habit that grows within him. Bad habits die hard. Still purchase of lottery ticket is popular among a section of peoples .
Everybody has its own demands .if he wins a lottery he will meet up the immediate needs of the family. He dreams that he will purchase a flat of his own.If he gets money, he will donate fund for old age homes and destitute children home and so on. It is the mental strength that motivates the persons to purchase the tickets and to win a lottery.


Though lotteries are part of the gambling but now a days these are not totally prohibited. Lotteries give a fair chance to the people to take part in it. There are some people who purchase a ticket and wins a lottery. Generally a few state governments allow its departments to organize its lottery to allot a flat in favour of those who win the lottery. It is also worthy to mention that those who do not win the lottery are disappointed over the issue and criticize the system of lottery. There is no other alternative but to accept the system when demands are more than supply


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author avatar GV Rama Rao
28th Jun 2015 (#)

I've been in the USA for the last two and half years. Here the most popular lottery is POWER BALL which often goes beyonf $500 million. One gets in hand after taxes 340 million. I regularly buy a ticket, and I'm waiting for the day when dame luck would smile at me.

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author avatar pramalkumarsamanta
29th Jun 2015 (#)

Thanks for your interesting views.

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