Interesting things about Tangle

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If the characters from Tangled seem interesting to you I`m sure the theory behind this story might intrigue you.

Interesting things about Tangle

What`s wrong with this story?

Disney Movies are a part of everyone`s childhood, parents and pupils. Starting from the classics like Snow-White and Cinderella up to Frozen and Brave, Disney has always been by our side. Among these new movies the studio has released, a few are more expensive than the others. The movie on which the highest amount of money was spent is Tangled. Was it worth it? I say totally! Maybe it`s just me, but Rapunzel, the protagonist, is the best princess out there and she deserves it.

We expected the story in Tangled to be a bit different and probably simpler; a beautiful princess is kidnapped and held into a tower until a brave prince comes to rescue her and live happily ever after. That is not the case in this movie. The princess here is a fearless girl ready to grasp freedom with her bare hands. She does not expect a prince to bring it to her. Rapunzel sees Flynn`s appearance at her tower as a treat and not by any means a salvation. She then realizes he could be an opportunity to fulfill her wish and see the lanterns from the city. By constraining him! What kind of princess has ever threatened a prince charming? Also, what kind of price charming is a wanted thief? I`ll let you discover the answers to this questions by yourself. I am going to tell you though, that Tangled does not have common characters.

The theories behind it

If the characters from Tangled seem interesting to you I`m sure the theory behind this story might intrigue you. We are familiar with the appearances of random Disney figures in their movies, for example Sebastian from The Little Mermaid in the book of Aladdin or Belle from The Beauty and the Beast reading in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. What was not random is the presence of Rapunzel and Flynn at Elsa`s coronation. Frozen is already a legend so I think we do not need introduction for The Ice Queen and her sister Anna.

It is believed that the parents of these girls, the King and Queen of Arendelle themselves, were on the way to Rapunzel`s wedding when they disappeared on the sea. It was a marriage of family. That is because Elsa and Anna are cousins with Rapunzel. We should have known that! We just had to pay attention to the resemblance between them. Rapunzel is blonde with magical powers just like Elsa. That until she losses them and becomes normal and her hair turns brown, just like Anna.

When this is the case it is only normal for the King Agnarr to try to conceal the powers of his daughter. Her cousin was kidnapped for her ability. He could not allow this to also happen to Elsa. That means that because of the existence of magic skills in Rapunzel, Elsa had to restrain hers. How crazy is that?

Crazy is a word that best describes our Tangled Princess, Rapunzel. You can try out her craziness on Rapunzel Games if you also feel the magic adrenaline pumping in your veins. Enjoy!


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