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A Chronological Analysis of IL. Lottery Game Missteps

Ye Olde Game

Regardless of versions ancient biblical scribes have recorded that there were many gambling practices i.e. Acts 1: 24 - 26; Proverbs 16:33 (KJV) common to 1st world civilizations. In fact, various games of chance were known to have pre-dated Christianity. Some of these games were often associated with rituals and/or scared ceremonies. Additionally, world historians also indicated that depending upon time, customs and geographical locations the casting of lots involved either throwing bones, stones, polished sticks or dice. The luck of the draw was considered to be an impartial decision based upon time, chance and/or Divine Intervention. Century after century old and new games of chance have increased in popularity throughout the world. Regardless of time. place or circumstance the singular aim of each game was that the bettor would always prosper in some manner.

The numbers' racket is an old betting game. This game grew in prominence in America during the Prohibition Era. It was extremely popular in the urban areas of the United States. In Chicago, betting parlors noticeably flourished in several working-class and marginal-income communities. Hench, many Illinois residents began playing some form of this game when it was illegal and known as the infamous 'policy game'. Others have only played the numbers' racket styled game since it became legalized in July of 1974 and re-purposed as the Illinois State Lottery. While for many others, betting on numbers aka the lottery game is viewed as a multigenerational novelty. Many states utilize lottery gambling as another lucrative source to generate extra state revenue. According to various statics gathered by the gaming industry, in 2010 Americans spent 53Billion on state lottery games, but only won 33Billion in prize monies.

Back in the day, two generations ago, your word was your bond, but not so today in the state of Illinois. 1st term Governor Bruce Rauner's austerity reform policies and political wrangling in Springfield have placed Illinois in greater economic jeopardy. It has been reported that some state employees were asked to 'volunteer' a day of work in lieu of a day's pay. Moreover, vendors are also reporting greater delays in their payments for services rendered to the state of Illinois. Day by day it has become abundantly clearer to many residents that the budget impasse between the governor and the legislature is reprehensible and may very well amount to fiscal irresponsibility. Vital programs and numerous services upon which Illinois seniors, families, children and the disabled depend have been either cut or drastically de-funded. Additionally, the state's bond ratings also keep slipping lower and lower.

New Day and New Payouts

CEO, Rauner's trust levels among lottery players across the state is also abysmal. During the illegal policy era, players knew which numbers had 'fell' by reading the later paper editions or hearing radio broadcast of the winning ponies at the races. During the days of the Jones Brothers there was not such a repulsive level lot of trickery with regards to the numbers drawn. Although the policy wheels were generally assumed to be rigged, Illegal bettors were always assured of being paid their prize winnings. But this is a new day and a new governor's with his new sweeping broom.. New play and an even newer player payout( s). This unprecedented lottery missteps also has financial cconsequences for the state. With the increasing unpopularity of Northstar and their delay in releasing collected funds back into the state coffers issues of trust continue to rise. Moreover, IL. Lottery players have become increasingly disgruntled about the seemingly new higher/tighter odds of winning ratios and lack of clarity regarding lottery winning payments.

Today, transparency with regards to the state lottery is at an all-time low. IL Lottery bettors across the state and nation often watched with anticipation as popular Lotto Lady, Linda Kollmeyer announced the mid-day and evening winning lotto ball digits. Abaccradba! After over more than four decades of viewing accessibility via super station, WGN-TV the daily live draws are off the air. However, if you are privileged to be technologically savvy you have a distinct advantage. You can view the digitalized drawings provided you have access to the information highway, internet capabilities and/or smart phone apps.

Lotto Player Pushback

With their infamous 24/7 hype about 'anything 's possible', IL. Lottery winners are finding more than a modicum of truth in this popular advertising slogan. Within the gaming community, welching on a bet was considered an unhonorable trait and an unforgettable offense. Depending upon the payout amount owed, if you purchase an instant scratch-off tickets, your prize payment may not be instantly payable. No matter either a lucky lottery play slip holder or instant play winner, if you are due more than $600.00USD you will have to take the state of Illinois' marker. The state's inability to fulfill their commitment to not only Illinois players but also to multi-state winners is extremely problematic. Since, Illinois is also a member of MLSA other concerns have now surface in connection with Powerball and Mega Million Jackpot payouts.

Conversations among lotto players in my Southside community of Hyde Park indicate that an I.O.U. with a TBA payment status has greatly changed their betting strategy. Several seasoned bettors who previously indulged in a $1.00 base wager have scaled back to $.50. Some have also opted to still play a base wager of $1.00 but to split it with base wage of $.50 and to up the wager with plus Fireball which they believe will yield the highest rate of return on a small wager. This latest game is also not bringing in the money either. While it is true you have more chances to win you also win less money than you would on a $.50 BX/$.50 ST thus bettors are slacking up on this type of wager too. A 50/50 chance of winning in reality becomes a 25/75 chance of winning. Others have changed their play styles from straight to box on either their Pick 3 or Pick 4 games. Several others have begun to play their numbers in other Midwestern area states with lotteries. Although the lottery payout snafu remains very fluid, a few seasoned players have vowed to never play the IL. Lottery again.

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author avatar Carol Roach
8th Dec 2015 (#)

many people here in Montreal have lost their businesses due to gambling at the casino. Some people here waste all their paychecks on lottery tickets, it is a real addiction

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author avatar writestuff
9th Dec 2015 (#)

Thanks for your read and comment. Addiction in any form is indeed problematic.

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author avatar Tranquilpen
1st Feb 2016 (#)

Thank you for a well researched article. When we objectively look at all forms of addiction, gambling, gluttony,smoking, sex, kleptomania, sloth and greed etc. every single addiction is a clear indication that the addict is not functioning on the higher level of consciousness, at which we are supposed to function, namely, where we align ourselves to every living creature, the entire planet and with God. When you do your thing, well, it simply becomes Your Thing!

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author avatar writestuff
2nd Feb 2016 (#)

Thanks for your read and comment.

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31st May 2016 (#)


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