How would winning the lottery change your life?

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Do you think you would change if you won the lottery? A lot of people say they wouldn't, but it is likely that they would.

The Findings..

No matter which country you’re from, chances are they have a lottery. Usually, there is the possibility, however slim, of winning huge amounts of money. Speaking from my own country (the UK) I have seen amounts range from a couple of million pound to sixty or seventy million pounds. Firstly, I will outline a couple of the things that people who dream of winning the lottery would do with their money should they win. I interviewed one hundred people, and these are the most common answers given by them.

1) Leave their job.

2) Give enough money to close family members to enable them to leave their jobs.

3) Buy a new house and car.

4) Place children in private education.

5) Take a holiday.

These were, by far, the five most popular answers from the people I asked. I am now going to talk through some of the problems that may be faced by people who believe that money will change their lives.

Firstly, you would need to consider the impact of leaving your job. If you have an important job, there may be some impact on the company for which you work. They may have problems finding a replacement for you, and the company may suffer as a result of this. This is most likely to be the last thing you think about when thinking about leaving your job. Also, if you leave your job, you might find that you have a lot of spare time on your hands. If you and your partner both leave your jobs and are forced to spend a lot of time with each other, the boredom that you will undoubtably experience may be a cause of friction between you and has been proven to cause divorce in many cases in the past. You need to think about what you’re going to do during the time you would have spent at work. Many people just think about staying in bed until lunchtime and then having a lazy afternoon, but this isn’t a fulfilling lifestyle, and you will probably find that you tire of this very quickly.

Giving money to family and friends becomes problematic as well. For example, how would you decide what to give to you? Would you give your partner’s family any money, and would that be expected of you? You will find that with any kind of financial gain, people will start to view you in a different light, and may attempt to become closer with you than they had been in the past. Because of this, it is advisable to keep your win quiet and give money to those who you know will be able to keep quiet about where the money had come from.

Buying a new house and car may seem like the last thing to be worrying about, but it can be a potential threat at times. Buying a new house, for example, may mean that you’re further away from your friends than you used to be, so you might not be able to rely on the same social networks as you had been able to previously. If you have children, I doubt they would like to be removed from their friends, even if the idea of a big house seems appealing to them at the time. If you buy a large house, you should convert a couple of rooms into guest rooms and ensure that your friends and your children’s friends would be able to visit should they wish to. A major threat of having this kind of money is getting too carried away with purchases. It may seem like a couple of million pounds will last forever, but with house prices on the rise again, you could spend more than you think on your dream home. Then, you would have to consider the bills that you would have to pay on your property. These would be a lot higher than if you lived in a smaller home, and you would need to take this into account when budgeting. Many people, believe it or not, after a large win, get so carried away with their new amounts of money that they end up spending more than they won, getting into negative situations with debt, and ending up owing huge amounts to many different companies. You need to remember that money does not make you invincible, nor is the supply going to be endless.

Placing your children into private education might seem like a very good idea at the time, but is it? Although they will probably get a better education, they may not want to be separated from friends that they’ve already made in their previous school. Also, private school fees can be very expensive, so you need to ensure that you still have enough money to pay for this after you have purchased larger items such as houses and cars from your winnings.

Taking a holiday is a nice idea at anytime. However, a lot of cases of depression are caused when a holidaymaker returns home, as they were not prepared for the stresses of everyday life. When we’re faced with them everyday they don’t seem too bad, but when we’ve been to the place of our dreams, returning to our homeland can often seem like a harsh reality.

Despite what I’ve said above, a lottery win can be rewarding if you manage your money properly. If you stick to your usual routine and only changed it a little, you will find that you will probably be much happier than if you changed your whole life because of the money. By all means cut down your hours at work and have a break, and spend some money on home improvements, but don’t go too mad. If you do, you may begin to feel as though you’re losing a sense of who you are, as you would hardly have anything left from your previous lifestyle. You will be happier if you do it like this.. you won’t have to stress about money or whether your children will be able to have a good future, you won’t have to worry about your job because if you lose it, you will still be able to afford the lifestyle that you’ve become accustomed to.

All details above were brought to light in a study I did of one hundred people. Some had won money, some were just imagining what they would do if they did, but most of those who had won some money in the past did confirm that it isn’t all plain sailing, and you would be likely to encounter problems that you’d never even taken the time to think about before.


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