How to Play More Bingo and Win More Bingo

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Online Bingo is fun, dynamic, safe and actually relatively easy to win. To win more bingo, the next best thing to having Lady Luck on your side is to read these tips on how to play more bingo and win more bingo.

In this article I reveal the best way I've found to win more at online bingo. It's not a "system" by any means but it will require you to do some math with me. (Yes, math. Sorry, but it's easy math and well worth it.)

1. Understand Your Odds

1. Understand your Odds
Let's start by understanding that all online bingo sites use Random Number Generators (RNGs) to choose which bingo balls are called and in what order they`re called. Every game has a winner (or winners) because numbers are called until there IS a winner.

This is important: every card has the exact same mathematical chance of winning as any other card being played. Your odds of winning are the total number of cards being played divided by the number you are playing.

E.g. 20 players X 48 cards each / your 48 cards = 20 x 48 / 48 = 1 in 20 chance.

Always be smart and realistic about your odds.

2. Play the Greatest Number of Cards You Can Afford - but avoid crowded bingo rooms

When a bingo room has between 15 and 30 people playing I've found that jackpots are nicely sized and the odds of winning are reasonably good. Play the maximun number of cards you can afford but don't spend much more than 25% of the jackpot value on cards.

Let's look at two scenarios:

Scenario 1:
- 20 players including you
- You play 12 cards
- everyone else plays the maximum of 48.

1 x 12 = 12 cards
+ 19 x 48 = 912 cards
total cards in play: 924

Your odds: 12/924 = 1.3% or a little better than 1 in 100

Scenario 2:
- 20 players including you
- You play 48 cards
- everyone else plays 48 cards

1 x 48 = 48 cards
+ 19 x 48 = 912 cards
total cards in play: 960

Your odds: 48/960 = 5% or 1 in 20

Do you want to (theoretically) win once every 100 games or once every 20 games?

3. Seek the Greatest Value from Every Deposit and Maximize Your Bonuses

On my website, You're In Luck Now - Bingo Secrets and Honest Online Bingo Reviews, I promote a number of bingo sites that are UNMATCHED in the value department. Visit us to learn where to get the bonuses described below.

Feast your eyes on this list of bonuses and then we'll do some more math:

- 500% on your First Deposit Bonus plus 100% Chat BBs
- 500% on Every Deposit (400% Bonus plus 100% Chat BBs that you earn playing chat
- 125% to 300% additional Bonus everyday depending on the promo
- VIPs earn an extra 100% Bonus plus and extra 100% Chat BBs (You're automatically
VIP after you've deposited a total of $250 and are under the 25% payout ratio.)
- 10% Cash Back on the 1st of each month for your previous month's deposits

Let's assume you're depositing $50.00 at your site, you have VIP status, it's Thursday and the promotion is an extra 135%.

Here's what you get:

$ 50.00 CASH
$ 200.00 Regular Bonus (400% of $50)
$ 75.00 Daily Special Bonus (example using extra Bonus at 150% of $50)
$ 50.00 VIP Bonus (100% of $50)
$ 50.00 Regular Chat Bonus that you earn via Chat Games
$ 50.00 VIP Chat Bonus that you earn via Chat Games
$ 475.00

Read it deposited $50.00 in cash and you're given $475.00 in total.
I kid you not, and you can play a lot of BINGO for $50.00 IF you play at
at the right sites.

Here's another example just for fun:

If we assume you depost $100.00 and the Extra Bonus Promo for the day is 200% it looks like this:

$ 100.00 CASH
$ 400.00 Regular Bonus (400% of $100)
$ 100.00 Daily Special Bonus ( Extra Bonus at 200% of $100)
$ 100.00 VIP Bonus (100% of $100)
$ 100.00 Regular Chat Bonus that you earn via Chat Games (100% of $100)
$ 100.00 VIP Chat Bonus that you earn via Chat Games (100% of $100)
$ 900.00

Oh, it's real.

Remember this too: the Bingo Bucks bonus money can win REAL money.
That's a TON of bingo and it doesn't get better anywhere. Honestly, I've looked.
So, get out there; if you play more bingo, you'll win more bingo.


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author avatar Denise O
6th Dec 2011 (#)

This does bring back memories, I use to play bingo on-line years back. I might have to take another go at it. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Lucky Bob
6th Dec 2011 (#)

It's pretty good these days. Where did you used to play?

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