How to Not Lose at Gambling: Guaranteed!

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Everyone who gambles does so with the hope of winning. In the end, the HOuse never loses.... so the gamblers do!

Hopes of Winning

Everyone who gambles does so with the hope of winning. I suppose that there are some exceptions to this, but for the most part, I don't believe that people play to lose. The problem is that few really 'win' any appreciable sum. If more people were to win, the places that offered the opportunities to gamble (race tracks, casinos, OTC (Off-Track Betting) store fronts and 'parlors' would soon go out of business.

For the purposes of mastering this new and guaranteed system for winning, the following two definitions are fundamental. 1) "Winning" means leaving the place of gambling with at least as much money in your pocket as you had when you began and that 2) "Losing" means that you have less than you did when you began when you leave or stop.

About those "Systems"

Most people do not like to lose and some study 'systems' promising to improve the chances of them winning. At a track where animals race - with or without humans on their backs - the process is generally referred to as 'handicapping.' This process, done in a variety of ways, purports to identify and consider all meaningful variables, wrap them into a formula and compute the relative likelihood of a contestant winning. Similar systems are published and studied regarding betting on sporting events, boat races or literally anything else.

There is a character in "Guys and Dolls" named Sky Masterson. He will bet on anything at all - Just for the fun of betting. That, however, is musical comedy. Real betting is about real people, real money and real losses.

None of these 'systems' really work. If one did, it would become quickly well-known and the tracks, casinos and on line betting sites would go bankrupt! I even suspect that some of these handicapping 'systems' are devised and promoted by the companies that own these businesses as a back-handed way of encouraging people to gamble and ultimately lose more money! The variables are too vast to be reduced to a simple or even to a very complex formula.

The singular exception to this general rule relates to "counting" at Blackjack. The odds of winning at the "21" table can be greatly enhanced by learning how to 'count' cards - keeping track of the ones that have been turned up so as to be able to better figure the odds based on the remaining cards. Once this was figured out by gamblers, casinos of course responded by 1) making 'counting' illegal on their premises, and 2) beginning to deal blackjack from multiple decks so as to complicate counting for anyone they did not 'catch' doing it.

Dreams of Riches

Many people enjoy gambling as a form of recreation. If they spend only that which they can afford to lose and are prepared to spend on the recreational value of the activity, it is probably not a problem. If, on the other hand, a person spends more than s/he can afford or wants to spend on the purely recreational value of the activity of gambling, it is a problem.

Gambling, like drinking and many other things, can become a destructive addiction that can get out of hand and disrupt or ultimately destroy a person's life.

But, this guaranteed system assures winning!

THe Sure-Fire Way to Not Lose

It is pretty simple, but will work absolutely each and every time. Here it is, at no cost to you:

The sure-fire way to always win and never lose is ... to not gamble at all. If you don't gamble, you can't have gambling losses. So, if you don't place a bet, you can't lose and although you might well spend your money in some other way, you will have not lost it gambling. The defined criterion for winning is met.
This is a break-even guarantee!

Although obviously easier said than done - especially by someone for whom gambling has become a hard-to-manage (addictive) behavior, this is the only perfectly reliable method of never losing and always leaving the table/track/casino with what you arrived with.

The second method which is far less reliable than the first and is not guaranteed actually works better than most or all 'handicapping' systems and simply involves "following the luck." You watch the betting windows for the first couple of races and see who is winning. If someone hits two in a row, their luck may be hot on that day. Try standing close enough behind them when they go to place their next bet to listen. Then, bet as they do. If their luck holds, so will yours. No guarantees, but a better 'bet' than paying for a system that doesn't work.

If that sounds kind of silly, unethical or like 'cheating,' it may be. But so is setting up a huge business totally devoted to persuading you to spend your money in an ultimately failed quest to win.

Be smart. Be a winner. Don't bet. Don't lose.


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author avatar Ivyevelyn, R.S.A.
2nd Dec 2011 (#)

Hello, David: I loved this article. You certainly have researched it well. Takes me back to Newbury Park and the Tic Tac Men. Anyway, it is a very enjoyable and entertaining page. Thanks so much.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
2nd Dec 2011 (#)

That last sentence says it all...Don't do it!

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author avatar M G Singh
3rd Dec 2011 (#)

Good post, bur won't experiment

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author avatar Sheila Newton
3rd Dec 2011 (#)

Brilliant article. Problem is, I don't gamble. Don't even get a buzz from it. But maybe, after reading this, I'll give it a go! Maybe!

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author avatar cia may
3rd Dec 2011 (#)

!! nyc :)

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author avatar Lucky Bob
13th Dec 2011 (#)

I think this "system" just might work! ;-)

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author avatar David Reinstein,LCSW
13th Dec 2011 (#)

Hey Bob,
Coming from you, that is quite a compliment!

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author avatar IMPRESSED
6th Jan 2012 (#)

On how stupid that article was. like your probability goes up by watching someone else on a temp hot streak...horrible

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author avatar John hay
6th Jan 2012 (#)

ya, bad article

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