How to Make A Bet on A SAM

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This article explains how to make a bet on a SAM (Screen Activated Machine).
It has been used for the past few years and is a significant improvement. It makes
making a bet a lot easier.

How to Make A Bet on A SAM

Sam stands for screen activated machine. It is just like an automated teller machine (ATM), but is used for betting purposes. First, the amount of money needed to bet is put in a slot in the machine. Or, a winning ticket can be inserted in the same slot. There will not be a charge for using Sam to cash the ticket; the full amount of winnings will be paid.

Next, the desired racetrack is chosen. Any of the racetracks on the machine can be chosen no matter which track the Sam is located at. The chosen racetrack's icon should be touched with the fingers to get to that track.

After choosing a track, a bet on the current race or an advance bet can be made on the next screen. The desired bet amount is chosen on the next screen. It is important to choose the correct bet amount for the desired wager. For example, if the $1.00 icon is touched, the next screen will not show any wagers that do not have the $1.00 option. Win, place, and show betting usually do not have the $1.00 option. Exactas, triple threes, and trifectas often have the $1.00 option. Depending on the number of horses in the race, some of the betting types may not be available, especially the trifectas and superfectas.

The number of the horse(s) being bet on is now chosen on the next screen. A win, place, or show bet can be one horse or several horses. An exacta must be two horses because an exacta pays only if the horses finish first and second in the exact order chosen. An exacta box is usually an available option. It pays if the chosen horses come in first and second. For example, if an exacta bet for numbers 2 "with" 3 is made, it will only pay if number 2 comes in first and number 3 comes in second. An exacta box for numbers 2 "with" 3 will pay if either number 2 comes in first and number 3 comes in second or number 3 comes in first and numbers 2 comes in second. An exacta wheel chooses more horses for first than second or more horses for second than first. A trifecta pays if the selected horses come in first, second, and third in that exact order. Trifectas can also be boxed, and trifecta wheels can also be made. The daily double pays if the horses chosen come in first for two consecutive races. One horse or more can be wheeled with one or more horses in either half of the daily double wager. It usually has a minimum of $2.00. A triple three is similar to the daily double, but it is the winner of three consecutive races. Single or multiple horses can also be wheeled in triple three wagers. The superfecta pays if the selected horses come in first, second, third, and fourth in that exact order. Single horse or multiple horse wheels can also be chosen. Pick sixes and pick nines pay if the number of winners is more or equal to the number of winners chosen by everyone else that bet a pick six or pick nine. They can only be done in the starting race.

When all the bets for one race have been completed, the next bet icon should be touched. If all the bets for the session have been completed, the finish Icon should be touched.


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