How to Actually Turn a Profit in Roulette

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Learn how to start collecting returns on wagers when playing roulette games.

How to Actually Turn a Profit in Roulette

Roulette is an attractive game that is loaded with multiple betting options, allowing players great selections and various betting options. When playing roulette, players will have some outstanding chances to truing profits and while the house may have a slight advantage, this game can yield some high returns. When playing roulette games online, there are many different variations that can be enjoyed, each offering different ways to win and offering an exciting experience. You can choose your roulette game at PlayOJO and start wagering for the chance to collect incredible payouts.

Over the years many players have beaten the odds and have won huge amounts of money from this classic casino game. One day in 2004, Ashley Revell wagered his entire savings on one bet of the wheel, a Red bet. With a gambling fund of $135,000, he placed the bet and with that single spin, he doubled his bet and increased his life savings! Another big winner was Joseph Jagger, which paid clerks at a casino to note the results of the spins of the roulette wheel in Monet Carlo. The results showed a bias for certain numbers, so Jagger visited the casino and placed some bets. Over a few days, he won $375,000! With some basic roulette strategies, it is possible to win big at roulette, like these guys have done in the past.

A Popular Betting Strategy

Since there are different roulette games offered, players will have to have strategies when playing each game. However, there are basic strategies that can be used on any version of the game. When using a roulette strategy, players will have more control over their budget and will have a slightly better chance at beating the house and collecting payouts. One strategy involves buying a single stack of chips and dividing them into 5 stacks, containing 4 chips. Players will then play five of the supported 6 line bets, placing each stack of 4 chips on 5 of those options. With this strategy, be sure to cover as many numbers as possible and spread them out. This betting strategy yields a high chance of winning and a win will win 20 chips, so players will end up with a total of 24 chips.

They will then break those 24 chips in half, with 2 stacks of 12. The next bet will be one stack on the dozens and the other on the other dozens option. With this, two of three dozens are covered and if the ball lands on one of these, a 2:1 payout is earned, getting back the 24 chips as well as 12 from the win. With the 36 chips, 6 stacks are created and bets are placed on 6 corner bets, which will earn a win of 48 chips for a total of 54. The next bet will be on 9 of 12 street bets which will earn a payout of 66 chips. The next total is 72 and these chips are in 14 stacks and placed on 14 different split bets, which will win an 85 chip payout. The final bet with this strategy uses 22 stacks of 4 and the bets are placed on any straight up numbers. A win here will yield 140 chips.

Roulette Tips and Tricks

In addition to the mentioned betting strategy, there are some other great tips that can be used when playing. These killer tricks to win at roulette can increase overall payouts and make for an enjoyable experience. One great trick and tip is to bet on colours. This is an even money bet and will offer a 50% chance of winning. Betting on numbers 1-18 or 19-36 will also yield an even money return. No matter how players choose to bet, they will be more successful playing European Roulette over American Roulette, as the latter has an added spot on the wheel, the double zero, which increases the house edge.


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