Hints and Tips for Texas Holdem

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Texas Hold em poker is a great card game. While some may say that poker has a degree of luck about it, it can also be said that there are a number of hints and tips that will certainly give players a better chance at the table. Let us consider a few tips worthy of note.

Hints and Tips for Texas Holdem

Getting started with poker will require that players either play a pair of cards or fold before the flop,the first three cards, are displayed on the table. As such, it is important to note some of the best hands to play, and worst hands you should really fold with. Overall, if you get two un-numbered cards such as A, K, Q, J then the hand is definitely worth playing. This is especially the case if the cards are suited or connected.

However, if you receive only numbered cards then these need to be given some consideration. Low numbered cards such as ♣5 and ♥2, or ♦4 and ♥2 should be folded. Equally, the ♣7 and ♦2 is a poor hand considered one of the worst in Texas Hold em. Also be careful if you get one very high card and a very low card such as ♥A and ♣2. With such a hand, you only have a low kicker card so any pair or triple may not be enough to win.

So, if you do play with a good hand then by all means raise pre-flop. Then, if the flop further helps your hand then raise again! However, if it does not then consider folding. If you do not have a pair on the flop then it may not be worth staying in the hand.

At any rate, if you are still in the hand on the river and turn with a good set of cards such as a high triple or double pair then by all means raise the pot. However, be aware of any potential combinations that could still outstrip you. For example, if there are 4 hearts then another player may have flush which would beat a triple or double pair. Under such circumstances they may re-raise which could be a sign, or alternatively a bluff. Do not make a habit of calling bluffs, as usually they will not be!

Another tip worth noting is to consider playing poker with play-chips to begin with. Then, hereafter you can consider going into a real Poker casino game. Do not play in higher-stake games unless you feel the element of risk is still small.

So overall, in the game of poker you will most of the time be folding either pre-flop or on the flop. As such, make the most of your best hands where you can by raising and unless you are sure your hand cannot be eclipsed try to avoid going all-in if possible.


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Card games required intelligence and prudence to decide which one to play ..

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