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"Heroic Deeds" is a card game that I have designed and I am describing step by step wikinut. This is a description of a card for the "Heroic Deeds" deck of cards of "Heroic Deeds" there are two other decks already published.

All rights reserved

This particular concept of card based gaming is completely my own and I reserve all rights to the game although I invite you to play it freely as well as to print out as many cards as you need for personal use. Any attempt to market this game in any way must first be permitted by myself.

An overview of the Heroic Deeds roleplaying game

"Heroic Deeds" is a card based roleplaying conceived and designed by myself. You can read all about it in previous articles I have published by clicking Here and Here.
The game is designed to be played by several players and one storyteller. I am publishing the cards for this game, one at a time here on wikinut and I invite readers to comment and make suggestions at any time.
For an index of all published "Heroic Quests" cardsFor an index of all published "Villainous Deeds" cards

The "Heroic deeds" deck of cards and its use

As previously described, the "Heroic Deeds" deck is used to help the players design their heroes for the game. The cards also help determine guidelines and limitations on what heroes can accomplish. Typically, every hero gets to draw four "Heroic Deeds" cards. It is possible to draw more than one of the same card. Players generally get to determine precisely how the cards they have drawn will help define who their hero is and what he can do.

Heroic magic weapon

Although it is possible for a hero to possess a magical weapon granting him skill in combat beyond that of the a master blades-man, this would only be a possible way of defining the "Heroic sword-fighting" card of the "Heroic deeds" deck. There are magical weapons which go beyond this, granting special attack forms, special abilities and the like. Such powerful items fall under the jurisdiction of the "Heroic magic weapon" card. With this card a player can choose to have a sword that shoots lightning bolts, a flaming blade or other similar enchanted weapons of destruction. In fact, the "weapon" could even appear as something seemingly nonviolent such a a necklace, ring, wand or horn.

Choosing between narrow and broad and multiple cards

As is the nature of "Heroic deeds" cards, the player drawing the card must decide how narrow or broad he wishes to define the card. A broader definition makes the card more versatile, more usable in a wider variety of situations. Conversely, a narrower definition limits the scope of effects of the card but provides for greater effects within that more limited scope. The "Heroic magic weapon" card is somewhat different in this respect since it already induces certain narrowing limitations by definition. That said, although the actual magic weapon to be possessed is to be determined by the player, overly powerful weapons should be tempered by limitations of use. A "wand of fire" which can be used to blast firebolts might be a relatively easily accessible item - being used as a matter of course in combat. Expending the card could mean getting off particulary difficult or effective shots. A narrower use might be a more powerful magic wand with multiple powers or simply greater destructive power. Again, expending the card would result in greater or more effective blasts. A single use definition for this card could result in a surefire, unstoppable attack of awesome power that can only be deployed once. it should be noted that not all magic weapons are designed for destroying. Some might be designed for, defense, binding targets or even establishing mental domination over them. Regardless, the previous rules apply.
As with other "Heroic deeds" cards, it is possible to draw two of the same "Heroic magic weapon" card. While this is certainly allowable it is recommended that this should simply mean that the hero possess two different magical weapons rather than trying to combine the effects of the two cards. Regardless, precise rulings in such an event are up to the storyteller.

Picture credits

Always give credit where credit is due!
All pictures are originally royalty free from clker.com - Some of the pictures are modified by me for the purpose of this article.
For legal reasons it is very important to make certain that all pictures used are indeed royalty free or otherwise belong to you. If this is not the case, permission should be obtained from the owner!

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