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The article is regarding the gambling habits people get into ,its easy to get in but hard to go out from here.


Well experiencing the life in such a short span of time ,i have realized that it is easy to get in to this habit but it gets really hard to leave it. Worst affected ones are the Youngsters ,they in search of money ,power ,fame gets lured in this nonsense.
But one really can't blame them for this,since it is natural at this young age to get diverted to these things. It becomes like an addiction which you can't really get rid of, every-time when you lose you think as if you will win next time but from inside you know the reality that what you are doing is wrong ,you can't become billionaire one night ,even if, you will spend the whole billion won to become multi-billionaire that's what the beauty of gambling and you can definately blame the human greedy nature for that!
So the point here is that you need someone to get you out from this disease. One himself/herself can take some serious steps towards rehabilitation but it gets really hard on the individual ,at the end of the day you need a mentor to help you out.

What happens is that the more you try to get away from it,more you reach close it. suppose you lost badly on a day ,you start feeling as if their is nothing left in your life ,each and everybody looks like enemy to you ,their will be rush of blood in your veins ,you might smoke a pack of cigarettes feeling the heat f the moment and you say to yourself that i wont gamble again again n my life ,keeping up the reputation you might even not go for it few days but the truth of the fact is for how many days ,imagine a situation where you left the gambling and suddenly your best friend goes on a winning streak ,the same friend with whom you used to share the daily lose and suddenly he is playing in money the day you quit it. Man,it gets really tough ,suddenly you start criticizing your decision and end up coming back to this place of dream shattering.And whta hapens is history...lose...lose...lose.........


First of all stop dreaming because most of the guys dream of becoming rich fortnight ,it is good to make dreams but they should be sensible one.Then stop using all these things which remind you of it. Stay away from alcohol and drugs as much as you can because they are the main reason people gamble so as to enjoy these things and they require lots of money for that they end at the casinos ,betting etc.Stop following numerology because most of the gamblers go to numerologists asking for their lucky numbers to win a lottery and some on their instincts go for it,stop doing it! Instead think of beautiful things made in the world ,some might have their own style to overcome it so don't hesitate , just go for it ,like some found eating enjoyable ,some like playing .
I certainly believe that its worth spending the precious money on yourself rather than on others enjoying the benefits of your money.I believe its tough but as they say it:
when its tough get going ,then going gets tough and those who overcome these battle's with themselves then those are the real CHAMPIONS.


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hi i am hitesh ,i like writing because it gives immense pleasure ,sometimes i feel so depressed that i need to describe it using words and it helps me a lot.

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
28th Jun 2012 (#)

Nicely analysed human behavior and psychology. Thanks.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
28th Jun 2012 (#)

One is sure to lose in gambling and I include stocks too in this category! Easy come, easy go - siva

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