Getting Beyond A Mind Full Of Dreams

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Greed and too much "good" luck unappreciated or misunderstood are not good. In reality, the earned is best. Dreaming of a big score instead of making genuine efforts to really win, even if you do "make that big, easy score" do not make a genuine winner. But, here, I will tell you succinctly and realistically what does make a genuine winner:

There is not any way around it:

Effort. What does that word bring to your mind? Work, honesty, doing what needs to be done and things like that? Well, if you want to earn a big score instead of come into one, and put out the honest efforts to do so, you have come to the right place.

I know, the ideal seems like "getting a big score", winning the lottery, getting all that you want on a platinum or silver platter and whatever like that. Well, I will go into the genuine ideal: Earn a lot and learn to use what you earn properly. Sure, that sounds simple, too simple to be realistic advice. But, face it, that is the best advice I can give and take for myself, and the best advice I can give to you and probably you can take. Because at the core, human nature does not appreciate what it gets too easily, normal human nature, worse than normal human nature, or better than normal human nature. It is all the same, we appreciate what we earn more than when it is given to us easily.

There is not any way to escape or get around it, short cuts usually do not work unless it comes from a rational earned base we find out about and genuinely appreciate getting through earning the knowledge and making it genuinely repeatable. When I think of "sudden success" that lasts, I think of the person that worked in the trenches for years before they got their "sudden success" and understands what the success is worth. Not the person that goes "Oh, boy, I won the instant lottery!" and then blows it on bad investments and wild spending without appreciating that "instant win". Realistically, I can say like the old Booker T Jones and The MG's song lyric "Everybody loves a winner, and when you lose, you lose alone". In this article, the real meaning of that lyric is explored and understood right side up and upside down, and also sideways both ways.

The improtance of being earnest

We must "Earn, baby, earn. Not burn, baby, burn" to quote Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. directly. We must all think in terms of getting a full understanding of why we are doing it, what we are doing, and how we are doing it, all in that order to win all that we need and want in life and have the genuine gift of appreciating it.

With that said, burning the candle at both ends is not the way to go meaning use resources smartly, not like they will never end.

Realistically, I can say this: Earning is always better than an unearned windfall or "easy score" especially when that earning is fully honest and worked out right with the full understanding of what you are doing. Why you are doing it is most important after all, the rest can wait until you genuinely have that.


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