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Lotto is very popular in Hanoi (capital of Vietnam) and around. Every people like to win this lucky gambling. But almost of them never get rich and can be easy to go bankrupt.
So how to win this lucky gambling?

Method to win Lotto gambling in Hanoi

1. First of all, I would like to explain where lotto result come from? It follow daily lottery outcome that turnaround in official point at center of Hanoi. Daily lottery outcome have 7 prizes and 1 special prize.
1st prize with 1 turnaround include 5 numbers
2nd prize with 2 turnaround which one include 5 numbers
3rd prize with 6 turnaround which one include 5 numbers
4th prize with 3 turnaround which one include 4 numbers
5th prize with 6 turnaround which one include 4 numbers
6th prize with 3 turnaround which one include 3 numbers
7th prize with 4 turnaround which one include 2 numbers
and Special prize with 1 turnaround include 5 numbers.
Lotto follow all prize above, it got 2 last number from each turnaround. It means 1 day can has maximum 26 lotto outcome.
2. How to play lotto gambling?
It's easy that you can find too much lotto dealers in every street, alley..You will pay 23,000VND (~1USD) to get 1 point for 1 result that you think it will appear in lotto prize list on that day. If yo will, Lotto dealer will payback you 80,000VND (~3.5USD). You can pay as much as possible.
3. How to win?
One thing very simple that i had researched 10 year ago until now that it have rule of nature. I just focused on 2 last numbers of special prize and i found it this number (2 last numbers of special prize) will appear in the next week lottery outcome (it can be appear on 1st, 2nd, 3rd..7th or even repeated again at special prize).
So how to get money?
for easy understand I have 1 example that today is Thursday and special prize have 2 last number AB. I will pay 1USD for AB on Friday. If it appear on Friday Lottery outcome I will earn 3.5USD and have profit 2.5USD. But if I lose on friday, I will pay 2USD for AB on Saturday. If it appear I have paid total 3USD and earn 7USD, it means i have profit 4USD. And continue again if you do not see AB appear on Saturday, Sunday, Monday..But I can sure you that it will appear within minimum next 10 days. I sure about that.
The rule that if today you pay 1USD and lose, tomorrow you should double money to play (2USD) and for next day is 4 USD, next is 8 USD. You still get profit.
4. What is the most importance?
The most importance to follow this method that you have to patient and not rapacious. Lottery outcome is lucky turnaround so you can not sure the result can be today or tomorrow so it should be patient. And the money you play for this gambling is your own money (no other people money or loan from other one).
Wish you successful.


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author avatar WOGIAM
11th Jun 2014 (#)

From what I have heard ad observed most people hardly win from the lottos, they pay, maybe your tips would help potential players. I wish all luck.

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author avatar Bang
12th Jun 2014 (#)

You are right. No one play this gambling can be rich because people often greedy and envious. The main point to get money from this gambling that you must be patient and just pay your own money

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