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With the increase in gambling addiction is it really moral and correct for so much gambling promotion and advertisement to everywhere in the United Kingdom?

My Thoughts On The UK Gambling Industry

Firstly I would like to say that I have no problem what so ever with the odd bet, what I do have a problem with however, is the number of gambling firm's here in the United Kingdom and the ease and availability there is when it comes to placing bets.

Currently we have an abundance of gambling opportunities here in the United Kingdom taking several forms on multiple formats. Gambling is mega business and we are constantly being offered sports bets, bingo, poker, online casinos and even betting on the stock markets. Add to this the fact that all these companies offer these betting opportunities via shops, over the phones, on the internest and via smartphone apps, you soon see that we are surrounded by gambling.

The gambling firms want their clients to become addicted to the rush of placing bets and as a result they have created ways and opportunities for their customers to place bets twenty four hours a day. We all know that the house always wins, meaning that the big winners in this are the gambling companies and the losers in most cases are the punters. Yes there are a select lucky few who make a living from being a professional gamblers but most people lose far more than they win.

Over the years I have heard countless stories of people who have become addicted to the rush gambling and ended up in financial ruin These are the people the gambling firms love the most as they lose a lot of money with them and it is not in their interest to stop them from betting.

Like I said at the start of this article, I have no problem with gambling every once in a while, but I think it has become to accessable and that there are to many peope being put into financial ruin by those who run these gambling sites amd companies.


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