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Four Card Poker is a game that is basically originated from Poker. It is played on the same kind of table. Though, there are certain levels of interchangeability between the both, but there also exist some distinct features that differentiate the games and their respective strategies from each other.

How To Play

Four Card Poker game possesses this similarity with the Three Card Poker, for the reason that it is two games combined in one. The basic similarity is the factor of an Ante-Play where you have to deal against the dealer like you do in Three Card Poker. The another part of the games is known as “Aces Up”, and you can get a remuneration on a hand having a pair of aces or better, determined by the pay table.

- This game is played with a deck of 52 cards on a Blackjack type table.

- The game commences with the player placing independent bets on either the Aces Up or Ante part of the game or both, by making the wager in the tallying circle. You have to bet the equal amounts on both the games, in case you opt for that.

- However, even since the game is called a Four Card Poker, the player is made to play with five cards, face-down and has to make the best four card hand, in order to win the game.

- The dealer has to go with six cards instead, which are utilized to make the best hand of four cards. One of the dealer’s card is taken face up, whereas rest four are dealt face-down.
In this game, unlike Three card poker, the dealer need not have to qualify, for the game to proceed.

- The players, who have once opened the cards can decide to either go for a fold and loose their Ante bet or can go ahead and place an extra Play bet to proceed. One has to place a minimum of his original bet amount, and can extend it to three times the amount of his basic Ante bet.

Hand Rankings

The hand frequencies followed in a Four Card poker game are as follows:
1) Four cards of the same rank.
2) Straight Flush- Four cards of the same suit in sequence.
3) Three of a Kind- Three cards of the same rank.
4) Flush- Four cards of the same suit.
5) Straight- Four Cards in sequence.
6) Two Pairs- Two cards of equal value and Two other cards of equal value.
7) Pair of Aces- A pair of aces.

Once all the players are done with their bets and related actions, the dealer will go ahead in turning over his hand at first, and then the player’s hands. If the player’s hand overreaches dealer’s hand, the player wins his Ante bet and the Play bet.

In case, the dealer wins the hand, the player has to loose both the bets.

In case of tie, the player will be considered winner. The decision of a tie is decided by the combination of four cards, excluding the fifth one.

Bonus payment:

Determined by the player’s hand for the Ante game, the Four Card Poker game also enables the player to get an additional Ante Bonus, apart from the Ante and Play bet. If the player has:
- Three cards of same rank, he is paid 2 to 1.
- Four cards of same suit in sequence, he is paid 20 to 1.
- Four cards of same rank, he is paid 25 to 1.
The bonus payment is not based on the occasion of you winning the game.

Aces up

If a player makes a bet of “Aces up”, it does not get impacted by the dealer’s hand. This bet is placed when the player has got a pair of aces in his hand or better. He will be paid the amount based on the rules predefined.

Here you have all the details about the Four Card Poker game, which is much easy to understand and play. So, go ahead and try it yourself.


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